1.20 Panorama With

Author: Adib3700 Jun 5, 2023

Looking to enhance your Minecraft pe/bedrock gameplay experience? You are in the right place! With the 1.20 Panorama with shaders mcpe pack, add a beautiful cherry blossom panorama from the up and coming trails and tales update with shaders!

1.20 Panorama With

1.20 Panorama With Shaders Minecraft Pe

Each Minecraft update brings us a brand new main menu panorama for Minecraft pe or more commonly known as Minecraft bedrock edition. Minecraft also receives several minor updates with a handful of changes, but a new panorama is only bound to major updates. We all know that there are these stupidly long breaks in between each major update which leads to us players with the same loading screen and background panorama for months!

120 Panorama with shaders pe

But no longer! As today we have for you, the 1.20 Panorama with shaders mcpe. This pack replaces the default panorama with a brand-new one with shaders! The panorama in question is none other than the panorama of 1.20 trails and tales update! Let’s look at what the 1.20 Panorama with Shaders Minecraft pack has to offer.

  • Brand new panorama for the main menu that will replace your current panorama regardless of your game version.
  • This panorama is taken from the up-and-coming trails and tales update.
  • It is a beautiful cherry blossom panorama with shaders integrated into it as well!
  • The 1.20 Panorama with shaders bedrock pack also adds 2 modes to its look.
  • One is the original version of the scenery with the sun rising and the soft light of dusk.
  • And the second is called night mode, and it features the same serene environment and scenery but instead in the midst of the night with fog to add to the aesthetic!
120 Panorama with shaders mcpe


This is by far one of the best panoramas that have been released, or yet to be released. You can change the mode and look of the panorama easily by going to the texture pack and switching it from original to night mode. 1.20 Panorama with shaders is the perfect little addition to your Minecraft experience!

120 Panorama with shaders download

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