3D Rabbit Costumes Addon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods

Author: GradientStudio Aug 9, 2023

Do the item drops from rabbits in Minecraft seem way too useless and not worth the hassle. With the 3D Rabbit costumes addon mcpe, you can finally make use of rabbit hide and create cute costumes!

3D Rabbit Costumes Addon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods

3D Rabbit Costumes Addon Minecraft PE

Every mob in Minecraft can be killed. Most of the mobs, if not all of them, have unique item drops whenever you kill them. Similarly, rabbits can also be killed and also have item drops.

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Killing rabbits can be quite the hassle since they are quite fast and small. And when you do finally land a killing blow, you end up getting easily one of the worst item drops in the game! 

Rabbit meat when cooked replenishes just as much hunger as mutton and chicken, but as you may already know, it is 10 times harder to obtain. And rabbit hide? No one knows what that does!

But now, with the 3D rabbit costumes addon mcpe, you can make use of rabbit hide and craft cute 3D costumes. These costumes will act just like any other normal armor set, but cuter! 

It is quite odd however, that you are crafting and dressing up as an adorable white rabbit. But only do so after killing rabbits? A cute rabbit outfit made out of rabbit hide? Maybe that is a hint to the creator's other work. 

3D Rabbit Costumes addon minecraft

Anyway let's take a look at everything the 3D rabbit costumes addon has to offer.

  • New rabbit item drops on kill.
  • Crafting recipes for each piece of the rabbit costume.
  • New items integrated into some of the crafting recipes.
  • Add a variable of fun and cuteness to your adventures!


Rabbit lovers are sure to have a love hate relationship with the 3D rabbit costumes mcpe addon. Having to kill rabbits must be their biggest fear, but who can resist the adorable white rabbit costume you get to make afterward! Try this addon for free and add a layer of fun to your Minecraft experience!



Make sure you enable test gameplay.

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