48×48 Items

Author: Amman Works May 22, 2023

Minecraft is fun and all, but its pixelated and blocky visuals can seem a bit bland and tedious to look at sometimes, especially the tools and items. But you have nothing worry about atonymore! As with the 48x48 Items texture pack mcpe, you can upscale your game UI almost 3 times and give your items the sleek artistic look they deserve!

48×48 Items

48×48 Items Texture Pack Minecraft

We are all Minecraft enthusiasts here and enjoy the game for everything that it has to offer, its unique gameplay, and visuals included. But even we can feel like the game could do better with a little bit of flavor. So today, we have for you the perfect Minecraft texture pack; 48×48 Items.

The pixelated graphics and blocky visuals have become an icon for Minecraft which it would not be the same without. But when it comes to the game’s User Interface, or UI, it can be a bit too bland. With the 48×48 Items Minecraft texture pack, you can fully change the look of your game UI by converting it from the standard 16x16 pixels too, you guessed it, 48x48 pixels!

48×48 Items texture pack

Once you get your hands on this texture pack, you will never be able to go back to the overly simple-looking items that you use right now! This is not a mod or addon, therefore you won’t be cheating either, so it's really a win-win! Here are the features 48×48 Items texture pack Minecraft has to offer.

  • Upscale your entire game UI by 3 times overall.
  • Turn every item from its standard 16x16 pixels to 48×48 pixels.
  • Give every tool a brand-new icon with 3 times more detail.
  • Your Minecraft experience will stay the same mechanically, but visually, it will get a massive boost and never look bland again!
48×48 Items texture pack minecraft


You must be tired of the icons each tool has, we sure are. Get your hands on the 48×48 Minecraft texture pack and upscale your game UI 3 times! Your trusty tools will get the sleek look they deserve!


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