A Christmas Nightmare Addon (1.20) - MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Author: mno Dec 22, 2023

Santa and his elves have arrived early, and you have been very naughty this year. Survive an angry Santa with A Christmas Nightmare Minecraft pe addon.

A Christmas Nightmare Addon (1.20) - MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

A Christmas Nightmare Addon Minecraft

It's that time of the year again, Christmas is just around the corner, and the winter spirits have already settled in our homes. What better way to celebrate Christmas than to face Santa's wrath when you end off on the naughty list?

A Christmas Nightmare addon

Unlike other Christmas-themed add-ons you may have seen, A Christmas Nightmare Minecraft addon has an unexpected twist hidden within one of the many gifts that Santa has left in your world!

A Christmas Nightmare minecraft pe

This addon seems like any other cozy Christmas addon with some good old Christmas presents scattered around the world, spawning anywhere from mountains to the desert. They appear in various colors and offer a range of different items as loot. You can also be unlucky occasionally and get coal out of a gift when you have been “naughty”.

You may be asking what exactly is the dark twist in A Christmas Nightmare mcpe addon which no other addon has. Specifically in cold biomes, you can sometimes find a black gift box. Opening this one will spawn the angry Santa along with his army of elves! We have given below a breakdown of everything you need to know about A Christmas Nightmare addon.

  • Adds a new structure called Santa’s Workshop which has 2 variants, the Original and Fancy. The Original variant features a very simple shed with red, white, and green colors signifying Christmas. The Fancy Workshop is a large mansion with lots of rooms and gifts inside.
  • Both Workshops are filled with lots of the new hostile mobs given below.
  • Santa, this jolly man in red is a force to be reckoned with. Once defeated, he takes to the skies on a sled with his magical Reindeer, essentially getting a second life.
  • Archer and Melee elves move quickly and pack quite a bit of HP and damage.
  • The Teleporting Melee elves are super hard to deal with, though they are not as strong as regular Melee elves, they can teleport!
  • Fireball elves shoot fireballs which set you on fire and occasionally inflict the Levitation effect.
  • The Big Elf is essentially a big and angry Melee elf, he's fast, he hits hard, and occasionally inflicts Slowness as well.
  • Once you defeat the flying Santa, you can ride his magical sled or opt to kill the Reindeer, they are also hostile!


If you are looking for a normal Christmas addon, you are not in the right place! A Christmas Nightmare addon is packed with action and only the best gamers can face the wrath of Santa!



  • Black gifts will turn into green or red gifts after a while.

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