Absolute Guns 2 Addon (1.20 ,1.19) - MCPE/Berock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Author: AzozGamer936 Sep 14, 2023

Are you tired of using just swords, bows, and shields for your combat in Minecraft? Download the Absolute Guns 2 Minecraft PE addon now and use 14 actual guns all of which are survival compatible!

Absolute Guns 2 Addon (1.20 ,1.19) - MCPE/Berock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Absolute Guns 2 Minecraft Addon

Even after Minecraft’s 1.20 major update, there seem to be no new weapons added to the game. The survival experience is becoming quite dull despite the new content, after all, one can only enjoy the new content for so long.

Absolute Guns 2 minecraft addon

If you are one of the players interested in new weapons added to the game, more specifically, guns, then you are in the right place. The Absolute Guns 2 Minecraft mobile addon adds several guns to Minecraft.

Absolute Guns 2 mobile

Unlike other mods and addons that allow players to use guns in Minecraft, the Absolute Guns 2 addon mcpe is quite thorough in its mechanics. Additionally, this addon was specifically designed to run seamlessly with any other addon or mod running in the same world! This means you can play with your friends in a Multiplayer world, a dedicated server, reals, etc.

Let’s take a look at everything the Absolute Guns 2 addon offers.

  • 15 new weapons, 14 guns, and 1 melee weapon (Glock, Tac Glock, AK-47, AK-47U, Gold AK-47, RPK, MP5, MP5-K, Flamethrower, Tac Knife, MGL, M3, AWM, P90, VSS Vintorez).
  • Each weapon has a very sleek 3D model that fits the Minecraft art-style perfectly and resembles the real weapon accurately.
  • Unique ammo types for different weapon types for example shotgun shells for the M3, pistol ammo for both the Glock and Tac Glock.
  • All custom items including weapons and guns are survival compatible, which means you can craft them in survival without cheats.
  • Your guns can be reloaded manually by using the crafting space in your inventory or by emptying the magazine fully and trying to fire again.


If you like guns you will thoroughly enjoy the Absolute Guns 2 Minecraft Addon. Create a Multiplayer world and battle it out with your friends, or beat the game with the obvious advantage of a literal gun, and most of all, enjoy!


DLC is an optional weapon that can be activated anywhere, in any other Addon.

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