All in One Tool Addon (1.20 ,1,19) - Minecraft PE AIOTs Mods

Author: Mohamed Wageh Tayee Sep 21, 2023

Are you tired of switching tools while mining or breaking different categories for blocks with specific tools? If so, you are in luck, as the All in One Tool mcpe addon introduces the ability to combine every single tool into one! You will never have to switch tools again!

All in One Tool Addon (1.20 ,1,19) - Minecraft PE AIOTs Mods

All in One Tool Addon Minecraft pe

Unless you are a competitive PvP player or a speedrunner, you must not be familiar with or used to using the hotkeys to switch between items in your inventory. Even if you are a casual player and still use hotkeys, you can probably agree that switching to the shovel when gravel falls on your face while mining is super annoying.

All in One Tool mcpe addon

But what if you never had to switch to the shovel, or an axe, or even a sword to fight mobs for that matter? The All in One Tool addon Minecraft does just that! Combine every single tool of the same material into one single shapeless tool and use that for all purposes!

All in One Tool addon minecraft

Here is everything the All in One Tool addon pe has to offer.

  • This shapeless All in one tool is referred to as the Aiot.
  • You can obtain it by first crafting all 5 different tools of one material for example a stone axe, stone pickaxe, etc. Then place them all on the crafting table in any order and you will get the shapeless Aiot for that material.
  • Additionally, every Aiot, regardless of its material, has more durability, and more damage than any of its separated counterparts. But all the separate ones combined may have more durability in total.


If you want to save a few slots of your inventory space, and instead place some other helpful items like blocks for building, ender pearls for movement, etc. The All in One Tool addon will be a perfect addition to the game for you. For all casual Minecraft gamers out there, this may as well be the best quality of life addon there is!



Please enable all experimental gaming features and be at least version 1.16.100 to play this Addon.

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