BambooCraft Addon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods

Author: Denwih Aug 9, 2023

Bamboo in Minecraft is quite useless. With the BambooCraft addon mcpe bedrock, you will finally put it to better use. Craft custom modded bamboo items and tools and make bamboo more than just a satisfying plant!

BambooCraft Addon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods

BambooCraft Addon Minecraft Bedrock

Bamboo is quite satisfying to break. Unlike normal trees in Minecraft, when you break the bottom part of a bamboo tree, the rest breaks and falls to the ground on its own. It also makes a satisfying sound when the tree falls down. Many players have large bamboo farms next to their bases just to listen to that sound! 

BambooCraft addon mcpe berock

But other than taming feeding pandas, scaffolding, bamboo blocks, and few other things, bamboo seems to have no really significant uses. Fortunately, the BambooCraft addon mcpe changes that, and adds lots of new items and tools that can be made with bamboo. Lets take a look at everything that it has to offer.

  • A bamboo crafting table that will be required to craft any of the custom items and tools in this addon.
  • New bamboo sticks that will be used in most tools.
  • 3 different bamboo hammers, all meant solely for combat, humble, stripped humble, and the bamboo devastator hammer. Each getting progressively stronger with a right click ability that also gets stronger.
  • Bamboo slimsword, a long sword with a right click ability to attack several mobs in a row.
  • Bamboo katana, just as strong as a stone sword, gives you speed upon using its ability.
  • Bamboo combat stick, same damage as a stone sword, but low durability. Gives strength and extra hearts temporarily when its ability is triggered.
  • A bamboo armor set, super easy to make, gives 4 and a half armor points.
  • Reinforced bamboo armor set, gives 6.5 armor points and spawns a turret that follows you and protects you so long as you have the whole set equipped.
  • 2 new swords, bamboo venom and primal sword. The venom sword will poison enemies, and the primal sword is just a wooden sword but easier to make.
  • Tame pandas with the sweet bamboo charm.
  • Bamboo tool set, identical to their stone variants. 
BambooCraft addon mcpe


The BambooCraft Minecraft addon is super useful. Featuring unique recipes for all the items and tools, new animations and combat mechanics. Your bamboo farm can finally be put to better use!


Make sure you enable test gameplay.

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