Bedrock Lightsabers 3D Addon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods

Author: TheVeis Aug 10, 2023

Acquire the sharpest of swords, the lightsaber with the Bedrock Lightsabers 3D addon mcpe new! The only rival to the legendary Netherite sword!

Bedrock Lightsabers 3D Addon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods

Bedrock Lightsabers 3D Addon Minecraft PE

The Vanilla Minecraft swords have been in the game since forever. They have been through various updates and changes, but their sole purpose has stayed the same. To cut down all enemies that come in your way!

Bedrock Lightsabers 3D addon minecraft

Once you fully max out your armor and weaponry in Minecraft, you should have acquired the netherite sword with at least the sharpness 4 enchantment. That is the maximum sharpness a sword can have in Minecraft.

But what if we could use something that overpowers even the netherite sword? What if we could use the epitome of all swords, the lightsaber, and acquire true infinite sharpness? Well, with the Bedrock Lightsabers 3D addon, we can!

All the popular characters from the Star Wars franchise has their lightsaber integrated into this addon. These include Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren, Darth Maul, Obi-van Kenobi, etc. Each and every one of the Lightsabers have their own unique recipe. This means you can acquire any Lightsaber in survival mode with no cheats!

Bedrock Lightsabers 3D addon

Let's dive into everything the Bedrock Lightsabers 3D addon has to offer:

  • Several different Lightsabers added into the game.
  • All of them (each color) requires a unique recipe.
  • Several new items added to the game's catalogue that are required for crafting the lightsabers. Some of the items include; a microbench to craft all the items in, plates for casing, kyber crystals for colors, etc.
  • Since yoy can craft kyber crystals individually, in turn, you cab craft custom coloured Lightsabers top!


Everyone knows that lightsabers are the coolest form of swords, there is no room for debate. The Bedrock Lightsabers 3D mcpe addon will let you use them in your own Minecraft world for free! This is a true game changer for all the StarWars fans out there!


Make sure you enable test gameplay.

Bedrock Lightsabers 3D addon mcpe new 2023


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