Better Foliage Addon/Texture Pack (1.20 ,1.19) MCPE/Berock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Author: Fused Bolt Nov 22, 2023

Minecraft’s greenery and foliage seem quite stiff and dull, upgrade it to a denser and more dynamic version with the Better Foliage addon mcpe.

Better Foliage Addon/Texture Pack (1.20 ,1.19) MCPE/Berock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Better Foliage Addon Minecraft

Minecraft features quite a lot of greenery and foliage throughout every random world. Even in biomes like Mesa and Desert, you still see some members of the plant kingdom present.

Better Foliage addon mcpe

But still, you may have noticed it looks way too still. Players like using some texture packs or shader packs on Java Edition to improve their visuals. This is of course to make their overall environment look more dynamic. The Better Foliage Minecraft pe addon is a mixture of various texture packs and mods. This addon will make your Minecraft world a literal scenery!

Better Foliage addon New

Why is it called an addon and not a texture pack/shader? Well that is because it also brings with it some new features, items, and behavior patterns for specific blocks (mainly leaves). You can choose to apply solely the texture pack as well, but the behavior pack is heavily recommended!

That said, let's take a look at what the Better Foliage mcpe addon offers.

  • 2 new looks for all leaves that you can choose, namely Round leaves and Bushy leaves. Round leaves are recommended and look better, Bushy leaves have some bugs but still work fine.
  • All leaves, flowers, grasses, and ferns now have multiple variants. They no longer have a constant color or model.
  • Mushrooms and lily pads also received new variants and are now 3D.
  • Sugarcane is also 3D now.
  • Crops, kelp, seagrass, cacti, dead bushes, vines, and Nether foliage have received new looks and variants.
  • Small falling leaves are added that also interact with blocks they land on (they stay on the block for a bit until they fade away).
  • New apple growing mechanics with 5 stages and a green variant of the apple that can be eaten.
  • New plant called cattails that grow and rivers and streams, have no other purpose than to add to the scenery.
  • Shrubs and Nether roots also added, solely for making their designated areas look more dense.


Vanilla Minecraft can seem quite serene on its own at times. Combine it with the Better Foliage addon and you have easily some of the most visually appealing environments in the video game world!


You must Enable Experimental Features for full functionality of the Addon/Texture Pack:

Better Foliage addon minecraft New 2024

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