Christmas Advent Calendar Addon (1.20) - MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Author: mno Dec 19, 2023

Get a unique gift every day till Christmas Eve in Minecraft with the Christmas Advent Calendar addon mcpe. Offering lots of new Christmas-themed items and mobs to play around with this addon will get you in the festive mood for Christmas!

Christmas Advent Calendar Addon (1.20) - MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Christmas Advent Calendar Addon Minecraft

Waiting for Christmas becomes more and more difficult especially when there are only a few days left and you have been looking forward to this day throughout the year. The Christmas Advent Calendar Minecraft PE addon makes this wait a little easier and a lot more exciting!

Christmas Advent Calendar addon

Christmas Advent Calendar mcpe addon offers a new gift every day leading up to Christmas Eve. You will not only have something to look forward to every day but also get a special surprise for the renowned Christmas day!

Christmas Advent Calendar mcpe

Aside from the new modded Christmas-themed gifts that you get with the Christmas Advent Calendar addon, there are also quite a few extra items and features that you get to enjoy as well. Given below is a glimpse into all the goodies this addon has in store for you!

  • First and foremost, to get your daily gift going, you will need to get yourself an Advent Calendar.
  • Craft a gift box with 6 papers, a Gold, Redstone, and Netherite block. Place this gift box down, break it, and you will receive your very own Advent Calendar!
  • Place the Advent Calendar down and you can now get your daily gift by trading in a piece of paper.
  • The gifts can contain anything from dancing Elves and Santa to Christmas trees, Turkeys, and Decorations. You can even get more than one per day if you are lucky!
  • Adds a Christmas Radio that you can craft in survival as well. Interacting with it will play around 14 minutes of Christmas songs that you can enjoy as you prepare and welcome the spirit of Christmas.
  • You can make yourself some Eggnog, but refrain from drinking too much of it, you do not want to get inflicted with several negative effects like Nausia and Poison!
  • And lastly, you can make yourself some good old Potato Salad to enjoy while you wait for the next day’s present!


The Christmas Advent Minecraft addon offers a fun addition to the game that players can enjoy while they eagerly wait for Christmas. The entire year’s anticipation being concentrated into this last month will become a bit more fun and enjoyable!

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