Christmas Decorations Addon (1.20) - MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Author: TEAM CUBITOS MC Dec 12, 2023

Continue the spirit of Christmas throughout winter with the Christmas Decorations Minecraft PE addon. Add a festive Christmas-themed touch to your Minecraft base with gifts, decorated Christmas trees, Reindeer statues, and much more!

Christmas Decorations Addon (1.20) - MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Christmas Decorations Addon Minecraft PE

Christmas is right around the corner, and everyone has already started making preparations for decorations. Start your preparations with the Christmas Decorations mcpe addon and craft your way to a beautiful Christmas-themed wonderland filled to the brim with Christmas gifts.

Christmas Decorations mcpe

Decorate your Minecraft base with illuminating Christmas trees and Reindeer statues. Hang colorful Christmas lights creating a charming scene that captures the spirit of the cosy Christmas holidays.

Christmas Decorations minecraft pe

For all those determined players who put countless hours mining and gathering resources just to improve their Minecraft base in looks and aesthetics, there is now a way to bring the additional holiday spirit into your virtual home.

Here's a breakdown of the delightful decorations the Christmas Decorations addon mcpe brings to your Minecraft PE world:

  • Christmas Gifts of various colors are added each of them offering a delightful surprise upon breaking.
  • Craft yourself a Christmas tree that comes to life with custom tinkling sounds and lights. You can craft a green one depicting the common one everyone uses, or you can craft a white one that looks like it has a lot of snow accumulated on its branches. Both have the same animations, lights, and sound effects.
  • An interactable Reindeer statue that can be turned on and off. It has lots of lights on its body, acts as a light source when turned on, and has animations similar to the Christmas trees.
  • Adds a Christmas Wreath which can be placed/hung on any block.
  • Christmas Lights to hang around your base/house illuminating the surroundings.
  • Place a Decorative Santa Claus anywhere in your base and bring the Christmas spirit to your virtual Minecraft home!
  • Add some Candy Canes to the mix and add to the sweet and festive look.
  • Finish off your home decor session with a pair of Christmas boots to wear for yourself!


If you are feeling a bit nostalgic for this year’s Christmas winter holidays, try the Christmas Decorations Minecraft pe addon and bring back the magic! Relive the joy of opening gifts and the twinkling of lights and Christmas trees.




  • To get all the items above, type like this:
    /function christmas_decorations

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