Christmas Festivity Addon (1.20, 1.19) - Minecraft PE Christmas Furniture, Decorations Mods

Author: The_Millman Dec 16, 2023

Call your friends and decorate your Minecraft base with Christmas-themed decorations! New blocks, new food items, and new items are all part of the Christmas Festivity Minecraft mods pe.

Christmas Festivity Addon (1.20, 1.19) - Minecraft PE Christmas Furniture, Decorations Mods

Christmas Festivity Addon Minecraft

The long-awaited Christmas day is not too far off now. A few days of wait, and you get to relive the seasonal holiday you look forward to every year! Of course, to make these days go by a bit faster, people tend to start decorating their houses and spreading the Christmas colors around their homes and neighborhoods.

Christmas Festivity addon minecraft new

Since we Minecraft gamers like to consider our Minecraft bases 2nd only to our actual homes, getting to decorate said bases is just as fun as doing it in real life! Especially with the Christmas Festivity mcpe addon, you will be able to make a masterpiece out of your Minecraft base. However advanced or simplistic it may be.

Christmas Festivity addon new

The best thing about Christmas Festivity mcpe mods is that it works seamlessly with Multiplayer as well, so teaming up with a buddy to decorate your Minecraft base is nothing less than a good time. Let’s take a look at all the new items and decorations that you get to play around with.

  • Fist exclusive addition to the game is new foods like Chocolate and Hot Chocolate. Something other than Candy Canes (though Candy Canes are also added) is finally added.
  • All the new food items, including the infamous Ginger Bread, fill up a different amount of your hunger depending upon the food’s rarity and difficulty while obtaining.
  • Christmas trees with lights, bells, and other additional decorations you can hang or add, like the beautiful Tree Topping star.
  • Adds several new blocks and different colored candles as well, to set the mood and Christmas theme!


Christmas Festivity Minecraft addon is another solid Christmas-themed decorations addon. Since this addon is also Multiplayer, having new food items like Chocolates and Ginger Bread makes it way more fun! Decorate your virtual abode and add the festive touch of Christmas that your base desperately needs!

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