Collapsed Blocks Addon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods

Author: Trotamundos872 Aug 12, 2023

Are you interested in making realistic ruins and abandoned buildings that fit the Vanilla Minecraft theme? Check out the Collapsed Blocks addon pe now, and get access to several realistic rubble looking brick blocks. Build convincing catacombs and ruins to give your Minecraft world exactly what it lacks.

Collapsed Blocks Addon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods

Collapsed Blocks Addon Minecraft

Minecraft features a lot of naturally occurring and naturally spawning structures in every world. These structures include Desert temples, Mineshafts, Jungle temples, Ocean monuments, etc. Some say these are the remnants of the previous builders like us players, that inhabited the world, and others just imagine they are present for the players to loot. Regardless, they represent something ancient, more like ruins.

Collapsed Blocks addon pe 2023

Unfortunately, because of how the Minecraft blocks work, you can only do so much to depict a ruin, add some mossy cobblestone, deep slate bricks, etc. This makes structures like the Desert temple look more like a decoration, than an ancient building. That is where the Collapsed Blocks Minecraft pe addon comes in.

This addon has been specifically designed for providing new blocks to the game’s catalog, to help players build the most realistic ruins possible. It adds several new options to the stone cutter, whenever you place any sort of brick block in it. These new blocks have uneven and odd shapes. They are meant to look like rubble to make builds like a catacomb, abandoned building, etc look more realistic.

Collapsed Blocks mcpe 2023

Here is what the Collapsed blocks addon mcpe adds to the game.

  • 10 new blocks in the catalog.
  • All 10 of them are rubble blocks, to make ruins look more authentic.
  • Have a deepslate version of each block.
  • Can be acquired in survival mode by placing stone bricks into a stone cutter.
  • Can also be acquired through a command in the chat box if you happen to be in creative mode.


Integrate the Collapsed Blocks mcpe addon into your Minecraft world and create super realistic ruins. Make the abandoned mineshafts in your world seem more “abandoned”. Use the rubble blocks in all sorts of ways, all the while retaining the Minecraft block theme!


Make sure you enable test gameplay.

Collapsed Blocks addon pe 2023

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