Connected Glass

Author: IM Qissy Jun 6, 2023

Does your Minecraft house look a bit unnatural despite adding all sorts of decorations and flowers? That is because your house lacks a set of proper windows! With the Connected Glass texture pack mcpe, you can create glass windows without any borders and acquire the look of a real window!

Connected Glass

Connected Glass Texture Pack Minecraft

Minecraft has countless blocks in its catalog that exist solely for decoration purposes. These range from terracotta blocks to simple colored concrete blocks, and even just grass with some flowers. The tiny little flower pot is also a really good addition to the window sill in your Minecraft house.

But what about the window itself? Windows have never been Minecraft’s strong suit, as glass blocks always have annoying block borders, and one-block windows are never something you would go for. So today, we have the perfect solution for this, with the Connected Glass mcpe texture pack. You will no longer have to with the glass block borders that create almost a grid when placed next to each other on your window.

Connected Glass mcpe

With the Connected Glass texture pack, you can get your hands on a smooth texture of glass blocks of all kinds and finally create the perfect window to look outside without having your view partially blocked! Here is everything the Connected Glass Minecraft texture pack provides.

  • Modify the default textures of glass blocks in Minecraft without changing them completely.
  • The outline of each glass block also acts as a block border which is not see through.
  • This block border or block outline is completely removed with the Connected Glass Minecraft pe texture pack.
  • Placing glass blocks next to each other will result in a seamless and connected look.
  • This works with every type of glass block whether dyed or completely transparent. Connected Glass pe texture pack will even let you make complete structures of glass with no borders resulting in a more natural look.
Connected Glass minecraft pe 2023


If you want to upgrade your room by giving it a terrace and a large window, the Connected Glass texture pack is exactly what you need. Create seamless and natural looking structures out of glass with the Connected Glass Minecraft texture pack!


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