Creative Cooking Addon (1.20) - MCPE/Berock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Author: Llama Studios Aug 17, 2023

Do you want to expand your food options in your Minecraft bedrock world? The Creative Cooking Minecraft addon pe integrates a whole new process of cooking into the game. Eat fully cooked meals instead of the same food over and over!

Creative Cooking Addon (1.20) - MCPE/Berock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Creative Cooking Minecraft Addon

Minecraft features a large number of food items that you can utilize in order to replenish your hunger. Despite having such a large number of options to choose from, all these foods are way too simple and straightforward. From a video game perspective, this is not too bad. But this is something that only newer players can appreciate, or speedrunners, who are quite frankly the best, most experienced players; the veterans.

Creative Cooking minecraft

When it comes to casual players like us, who have been playing the game for years, the Creative cooking addon can be the best way to add some exciting content to the game. As you may have imagined, this addon features several now food items that you can make and consume. Acquiring these new dishes actually requires you to "cook" them, rather than making bread on a crafting table.

Creative Cooking addon mcpe

This addon is quite detailed and integrates the process of cooking into Minecraft quite well. All the while keeping it relatively simple without over complicating it. Now let's have a look at what this addon has to offer.

  • Adds 4 new crops to the game namely Lettuce, Tomatoes, Rice Soya beans.
  • Various new cooking materials are added in the form of itmes such as flour, dough, soy water, etc.
  • Each material can be used to make something further for example rice/wheat can be used to make flour, flour can be used to make dough which turns into pie crust, pasta, or cookie dough.
  • New cooking based intrractables such as a meat slicer, cooking pot, etc, are also added.
  • 8 types of food such as sandwiches and rice, can be in various ways using different ingredients too.


 If you love cooking, and you also happen to be a Minecraft player, the Creative cooking addon mcpe is just for you. Make unique meals with different ingredients each time, and have a proper dish to cook other than the cake!



  • Turn on Holiday Creation and Create Custom Biomes.
  • if you want to join multiplayer then download yourself multiplayer.

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