Crispy Christmas Texture Pack (1.20) - MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Author: Voxed Studio Dec 21, 2023

Take your Minecraft PvP skills to the next level with the Crispy Christmas texture pack! New item icons and models for all PvP-related tools and items, new sky textures, and much more!

Crispy Christmas Texture Pack (1.20) - MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Crispy Christmas Texture Pack Minecraft

Minecraft’s enormous player base is home to one of the most tight-knit communities in the history of video games to this day. Though the Minecraft PvP community does not get enough credit, it has become very complicated and just as competitive. Minecraft PvP enthusiasts prefer to have the perfect conditions while playing. The slightest bit of vision and texture improvement can drastically improve a player’s gameplay.

Crispy Christmas texture pack minecraft new

If you are one of these PvP enthusiasts, you already know how important a good texture pack is for PvP. The default Minecraft textures are perfect for casual survival gameplay. But when it comes to competitive PvP, having a huge sword and lots of other unnecessary textures constantly bombarding your vision will impact your gameplay negatively.

Crispy Christmas texture pack mcpe

To ensure PvP players get to unlock their full potential and welcome the Winter spirit of Christmas at the same time, we have for you, the Crispy Christmas Minecraft pe texture pack! Let’s jump right into the details of this texture pack.

  • New oversimplified block textures to help players differentiate between blocks with ease.
  • All tools get new icons and in-hand models crafted specifically to aid PvP and improve vision.
  • The in-hand models are a lot smaller and the icons have a distinct color for each ore’s respective tools.
  • Other consumables and PvP-related items have also received new and improved 32x textures and models like Ender Pearls, Buckets, Golden Apples, Potions, etc.
  • See-through Inventory allows players to observe the battlefield at all times, even when managing inventory or crafting.
  • And lastly, new sky textures for both the night and the day. Both textures are Christmas-themed.
  • All new textures also follow the Christmas-themed color scheme as well.


Add a festive touch of Christmas to your Minecraft textures all the while getting the best possible textures and visuals for PvP. Take your Minecraft PvP skills to the next level and dominate the battlefield with the Crispy Christmas mcpe texture pack!

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