Demon Slayer ST Addon (1.20 ,1.19) - MCPE/Berock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Author: Soldado TnT Oct 2, 2023

Do you want to become a Demon Slayer in Minecraft? Do you want to slay demons and protect your base from the evil of the night? If so, then try the Demon Slayer ST mcpe addon!

Demon Slayer ST Addon (1.20 ,1.19) - MCPE/Berock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Demon Slayer ST Minecraft Addon

Demon Slayer is an anime series that has been rising in popularity due to its flashy animation and cool concept. The Demon Slayer ST addon Minecraft pe adds custom content into Minecraft based on the Demon Slayer series.

Demon Slayer ST minecraft

If you want to become a noble demon slayer and protect your Minecraft world from the evil of demons, then the Demon Slayer ST Minecraft pe addon is just for you. You could even choose the dark path and willingly become a demon to attain the powerful abilities of the Oni!

Demon Slayer ST mcpe addon

Here is everything the Demon Slayer ST mcpe addon has to offer.

  • You can create a custom character, both for the Oni and Demon Slayers.
  • Choose from custom hairstyles, custom eye colors, skin colors, etc.
  • New villages are added that are generated naturally with blacksmiths that can repair your Nichrin Sword for you.
  • New Tamahagane Ore, can be found in caves or by defeating Haganezuka.
  • If you choose to become a demon slayer, you have to talk to Urokodaki.
  • You choose your breathing technique and you are given missions as a demon slayer to defeat demons.
  • Defeating Oni makes you stronger, your Hunter rank is increased every 5 demon kills.
  • You can train your breathing and learn the various forms of your chosen breathing style.
  • If you become Oni, you will not be able to walk outside during day time.
  • You will gain a powerful Demon Art technique and the ability to double jump to around 11 blocks of height!
  • Defeating Hunters and humans gives you blood and human meat.
  • You can level up by drinking blood and eat Human Meat to gain more regen.


The Demon Slayer ST Minecraft Android addon changes the way Minecraft survival is played completely. If you are a fan of the Demon Slayer Anime show, and you want to enjoy new content in Minecraft, this is the perfect addon for you!



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Demon Slayer ST mineccraft android

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