DGR Shader

Author: DANIEL1337 May 24, 2023

Are you sick and tired of playing Minecraft with its simple pixelated graphics? You are in luck, because we have for you the perfect DGR Shaders mobile shading package! Improve the looks of your Minecraft world drastically!

DGR Shader

DGR Shaders Minecraft PE

Minecraft visuals are surprisingly one of the main reasons why it is so popular, despite being completely pixelated and blocky in nature. It has become a sort of icon that unites any gamer because we all love Minecraft, what is there to hate.

As Minecraft has been gaining more and more popularity, the modding community has been releasing several shading packs or texture packs to give Minecraft a more vivid and aesthetic feel even with the pixelated graphics. Most of these mods and packs have one thing in common; they all require very high gpu power.

DGR Shaders

But today, we have for you the DGR Shaders mcpe bedrock shading package! It does everything a shaders pack does but requires very little graphics processing power when compared with the others. DGR Shaders android gives your Minecraft world an improved look with lots of new textures that will create an almost new Minecraft experience! Here is everything that the DGR Shaders Minecraft pe pack entails.

  • Lots of new sky textures including new clouds, a realistic Sun and Moon, etc.
  • All mobs get a new texture, but retain the vanilla Minecraft art-style.
  • All tools and weapons get a brand new look that also interacts with light a little bit.
  • Minerals and blocks have a slightly improved texture and have better shadows.
  • Water actually looks like water! It is transparent and clear in small bodies of water.
  • The leaves wave and move around creating an illusion of wind.
  • New interface textures as well!
  • This does require around 1 GB or ram free to work flawlessly.
DGR Shaders mobile


DGR Shaders pe will not only give you new and improved textures to play with, but it also stays in vanilla. This means your Minecraft will be considered Vanilla, and not modded, therefore, you can combine other texture packs with this as well! Try the DGR Shaders Minecraft shaders package now! You will not regret it!

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