Dinosaur Addon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods

Author: Lost Times Dec 6, 2023

Ever wanted to travel back in time to the Dinosaur era? Well Dinosaur Addon MCPE 1.19 is the best latest MOD, we’ll let you know what it offers and how to download it.

Dinosaur Addon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods

The Dinosaur Addon for Minecraft PE is now available for you to explore all the extinct species of dinosaurs inside of your own Minecraft world. The Dinosaur addon adds tons of new MOB types to the game and lets you even tame some of them and interact with them in various ways.

The MOD is fully functional after the Dinosaur Addon Minecraft download. It has over 30 species of different dinosaur species including herbivorous, carnivorous, aquatic, and flying types. More content is being added to the MOD as well.

What To Expect From Dinosaur Addon Mod In Minecraft

Dinosaur Addon MCPE is very creative in its gameplay as it allows you to interact with multiple types of Dinosaurs in different ways and let you enjoy the simplicity of having a Dinosaur filled world. You can tame any baby Dinosaur in the game and own it as a pet in dinosaur addon mods Minecraft,

Once you get a pet, you have to feed it, different breeds of dinosaurs will have different food that they can eat so if you have multiple species as pets with different breeds of categories you’ll have to make their specific feed for them. You can also ride your pet with saddles although the saddle crafting method is a bit different for this MOD.

All species of dinosaurs when killed drop their own breed-specific meat that can be eaten raw but it will give you the nausea effect so better to just cook it in the furnace.

The only downside to this mod is the different species of dinosaurs can be hard to keep up with based on their feeds and even remembering which ones to avoid and which ones to not. Hopefully, the devs can add better identifiers to differentiate between the species.

This Dinosaur Addon for Minecraft PE is compatible with both the PC, iOS, and Android versions of the game regardless of whether you have the Dinosaur Addon MCPE download version or the Dinosaur addon mods Minecraft bedrock version. The overall performance of the mod always depends on your Device’s hardware specifications.

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