Divine Swords Addon (1.20) MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Author: NotPiZa Nov 8, 2023

Bored with your current Minecraft weapon arsenal? Try the Divine Swords Addon pe and play with 6 brand-new swords! These high-damage-dealing swords will make your Minecraft experience fun again!

Divine Swords Addon (1.20) MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Divine Swords Addon Minecraft PE

Minecraft’s current roster of viable weapons is limited to a sword and axe for melee weapons, and the bow for ranged combat. A crossbow can be used if it is fully maxed as it has other uses, but in most cases, a bow would always beat the crossbow.

Divine Swords addon mcpe

Regardless, you are always stuck with the same set of weapons whether it be early game or end game. That is why today we have for you, the Divine Swords mcpe addon. It adds 6 new swords that deal a lot more damage than any of the other weapons, and they also have special abilities!

Divine Swords addon minecraft pe

That said, here is everything the Divine Swords Minecraft PE addon has to offer.

  • Adds a new item called Iron Stick, which can be crafted by placing 2 iron ingots one above another. It is required for all the sword recipes.
  • The conventional sword crafting recipe can craft the Thunder sword, just replace the stick with an Iron Stick and 2 copper blocks above. It deals 16 damage and its ability is to cause lightning to strike every time the wielder lands a hit on a mob.
  • The Hell sword requires an Iron Stick, a Redstone block, and a Diamond block to craft. It spawns a lava source block under any entity that you hit. It has 18 damage and can grant Fire Resistance when you right-click with it.
  • The Heaven sword requires 2 Diamond blocks and an Iron Stick. Does 18 damage, and causes mobs to fly upwards when you hit them. Right-clicking gives the Regeneration effect.
  • The Aqua sword also does 18 damage and can be crafted with 1 Lapis and 1 diamond block. Causes mobs to drown even on land when hit, and gives underwater breathing when you right-click.
  • The Chaos sword does 19 damage as it requires an Iron block and a Netherite block as well. The sword summons the Soul Taker entity under the mob upon hit and grants strength 4 upon right click.
  • The Death sword does a massive 20 damage and inflicts the Wither II effect upon hit. Its ability is to grant the wielder 22 extra hearts upon right-click!


The Divine Swords addon mcpe adds some spice to the current bland state of Minecraft. Take your Minecraft Survival builds to the next level!



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