Draconic Evolution Addon (1.20 ,1.19) - Minecraft PE Bedrock Mods

Author: brandon3055, BrunumGames Oct 2, 2023

Perform the most complicated rituals and in-game research tasks and craft arguably the most potent tools and items in Minecraft, with the Draconic Evolution addon mcpe! Offers all features from the Draconic Evolution mod from Minecraft Java edition and new ones as well!

Draconic Evolution Addon (1.20 ,1.19) - Minecraft PE Bedrock Mods

Draconic Evolution Minecraft Addon

One of the most famous and complicated Minecraft mods from Java edition known as the Draconic Evolution, has finally been introduced into Minecraft pe! The Draconic Evolution had been featured in most of the famous Mod packs like SkyFactory, SevTech, etc.

Draconic Evolution minecraft addon

The Draconic Evolution mcpe addon contains all the iconic items and features from the original mod, including all the rituals. The Draconic Evolution addon also works with other addons or mods such as the Avaritia addon Project EHD. Some of them can even interact with items from the Draconic Evolution addon.

Draconic Evolution addon mcpe

Let's take a look at everything the Draconic Evolution Minecraft mods addon has to offer.

  • Just like the mod, Draconium Ore is the core material for this addon.
  • Draconium ore spawns in every dimension.
  • Since the original mod was designed to run with mod packs, this addon features its own energy generator (The original mod also contained these).
  • New blocks like the Mob Grinder and the Particle generator to help build new farms.
  • Adds the Wyvern armor set and tools.
  • Wyvern items are essentially upgraded diamond equipment.
  • The armor can be enchanted and needs to be charged in order to be used rather than a durability bar.
  • The Wyvern boots and leggings give the player a jump boost and speed, while a full set gives an additional Resistance 2 buff.
  • Adds Draconic gear, which is essentially the upgraded version of Wyvern equipment.
  • Can be acquired through the new feature; fusion crafting.
  • Draconic equipment has additional buffs and effects with the full armor set like permanent night vision and the ability to fly.
  • Draconic tools have their own abilities for example the sword does additional and area damage, and the hoe plows a 9 by 9 arena, etc.
  • Requiring more energy for usage, flux capacitors are the best way to deal with energy issues with both Wyvern and Draconic equipment.


The Draconic Evolution addon is sure to keep you invested in Minecraft for quite a long time. The armor and equipment are powerful for sure, but acquiring it in survival without cheats will take a dedicated grind that only a true gamer is capable of!


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