Fantastic Damage Indicator Addon (1.20) - MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Author: Blayy Nov 7, 2023

Enhance your Minecraft PvP skills and gain an edge over all your opponents. Add the new damage indication added to your HUD with the Fantastic Damage Indicator Minecraft pe addon!

Fantastic Damage Indicator Addon (1.20) - MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Fantastic Damage Indicator Addon Minecraft PE

Minecraft features a wide array of weapons to use for combat. While some are better than others, people still debate as to whether things like a fully maxed-out netherite sword are better than a fully maxed-out axe.

Fantastic Damage Indicator addon

There is a maximum damage number given on the weapon when you hover over it. But as you may already know, following the 1.9 update, the combat system changed and no weapon does a fixed amount of damage. Instead, the damage varies depending on how quickly you click, the more you time your hits, the more damage you do.

Fantastic Damage Indicator mcpe

To make sure you always know the exact amount of damage you deal every time you land a hit, we have for you, the Fantastic Damage Indicator addon mcpe. Let's take a look at everything the addon brings to Minecraft.

  • Every time you land a hit on any entity whether it be a mob or a player, a damage number showing the exact value of your damage will pop up along with the damage particles.
  • The colors change everything the tenth value of the damage number changes. So from 1-9 damage, the number will be in yellow, once the damage numbers are equal or more than 10, they will be in orange, and so on, changing each tenth until 50.
  • From 50 onwards all the way to hundred, the damage number will be a deep pink color and the number itself will be summarized in the 10th value, so if you are doing 75 damage, you will just see “70+”.
  • Similarly, from 100 onwards, all the way to 500, the damage will be summarized in the hundredth value and in a dark pink color.
  • 500 onwards no matter how high the damage number goes, it will always show up as “500++” in a different font color and bright neon pink.


The Fantastic Damage Indicator Minecraft Mobile addon makes both PvP and PvE combat a lot more enjoyable as you get to see exactly how much damage you deal upon each hit. In fact, you even get a better idea of the opponent’s health in PvP. If you are wondering why the damage numbers are so high, then you should know that this is because the Fantastic Damage Indicator mcpe addon is compatible with all other addons!



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