Forest 32x

Author: TheMantikormc May 25, 2023

Looking for the perfect Minecraft pe or bedrock edition texture pack to improve your pvp gameplay? The Forest 32x texture pack Minecraft pe is exactly what you need! A dark green-themed texture pack with 16 times improved texture resolution for all the important items and blocks for pvp!

Forest 32x

Forest 32x Texture Pack Minecraft

There are several factors that play a role in determining your pvp skills and performance. As expected, your natural skills from other similar pvp games transfer over to Minecraft pvp or things like practice and playtime play a major role. Another major factor is your texture pack.

The default texture pack is fine for playing casual survival or other casual minigames but when it comes to pvp, it is considered one of the worst texture packs as it limits your visibility and has too many distractions leading to a lack of concentration. So today we have the Forest 32x texture pack mcpe. It is a dark green-themed texture pack with lots of new textures all meant to enhance your pvp experience and provide the optimal environment for pvp.

Forest 32x texture pack

Despite the Forest 32x Minecraft texture pack being so well-made and optimized, it has a lot of green in it. As in, most new textures have green in them, so if the color green is not your cup of tea, try out another texture pack. Anyway here is everything the Forest 32x texture pack offers.

  • New Minecraft UI with green being the dominant color rather than the default grey.
  • New Hearts, Hunger Bar, and XP Bar textures are added, that are inspired by the color green and plants.
  • Several new items and block textures, mostly those that are somehow related to PvP such as tools, buckets, ender pearls, all armor sets, etc.
  • New particles with flowers.
  • The new sky texture shows a beautiful galaxy dominated by the color green.
Forest 32x minecraft


The Forest texture pack is one of the best pvp enhancement texture packs. On top of that, it is also really soothing to look at considering it has a Forest inspired art style. So try the Forest texture pack Minecraft now, especially if you like the color green!

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