Genie of the Lamp Addon 1.20 ,1.19+ - Minecraft PE Bedrock Mods

Author: AL3XANDRE Oct 2, 2023

Do you want to have a personal genie in your Minecraft world that would grant you all your wishes? If so, you should try out the Genie of the Lamp Minecraft pe addon!

Genie of the Lamp Addon 1.20 ,1.19+ - Minecraft PE Bedrock Mods

Genie Of The Lamp Addon Minecraft

Everyone wants a personal genie to grant all their wishes, but we all know that can and will never happen. But what if you could get a genie in a lamp in Minecraft, that would fulfill all our wishes. For all the Minecraft fans and Minecraft veterans, that is easily the next best scenario!

Genie of the Lamp addon minecraft

Thankfully, we can make this actually happen and get a personal Genie in a lamp in Minecraft, with the Genie of the Lamp mcpe addon! This addon is completely compatible with survival mode, which means you do not need to be in creative mode to access the new content this addon provides. This means you can add this to your current Minecraft survival world and progress faster than you could ever imagine!

Genie of the Lamp mcpe

So, let’s take a look at all the new content that the Genie in a Lamp addon mcpe adds to Minecraft.

  • Adds the Magic Lamp that is used to spawn in the Genie.
  • A Magic Lamp can be found anywhere in a Desert biome.
  • Once you find a Magic Lamp, Right-click it while holding it in your main hand, this will spawn in the Genie.
  • Interact with the Genie to open up his wish menu.
  • The Genie offers 9 of every resource, from Iron and Gold Ingots to Diamonds and even Netherite Ingots!
  • But like everything in this world (without creative mode), nothing is free, you will have to give a wishing coin in exchange for your desired resource which is a new item added with the addon.


Never bother mining for Netherite scrap ever again, create a full set of Netherite armor in one fell swoop with just one Wishing Coin! Download the Genie of the Lamp addon and beat Minecraft with ease!



You must enable Experimental Games.

Genie of the Lamp minecraft mods

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