Glowing Ore Addon

Author: RikoSurya Apr 6, 2023

Glowing Ore Addon Minecraft PE. Add a little shine to the lightless world of Minecraft. We’ll be showing you what textures the Glowing Ore resource pack adds to your game.

Glowing Ore Addon


Most default textures in Minecraft have been improved to some degree after Microsoft’s acquisition, but more often than not, you’ll find people opting for resource packs to improve their overall visual experience in the game with resource packs like the Glowing Ore addon MCPE.

One such instance is the Glowing Ore addon Minecraft, that allows you to, you guessed it, make ores glow. They’re shiny, pretty and a lot more beautiful than their dull versions in the default game. By installing the Glowing Ore Minecraft download, you can really add some glow to your MCPE world!

Make it Glow with the Glowing Ore Addon Download Minecraft 1.19

Everything that is already shiny, is shinier, and all that should be shiny is glowing in the Glowing Ore Minecraft PE. This allows you to eye out any items of interest from a safe distance without having to miss anything. Keep in mind that most ores in the Glowing Ore MODS Minecraft will display their shininess at the deepslate level.


All the blocks that are altered in the Glowing Ore addon Minecraft 1.19 are:

Shiny Blocks in the Overworld

The overworld has been added with several new textures. As you enter into the deep mines, you’ll find that several ores will glow in the dark in the Glowing Ore bedrock addon.

  • Iron and iron ore
  • Diamond and diamond ore
  • Redstone and redstone ore
  • Copper and copper ore
  • Coal and coal ore
  • Lazuli and lazuli ore
  • Emerald and emerald ore
  • Gold and gold ore

Shiny Entities in the Nether

The plain red of Nether is made a little bit brighter with the Glowing Ore addon, as some of the entities within it have been given a shiny texture. All this makes it way easier to spot key items in Nether with the Glowing Ore MODS Minecraft PE.

  • Crimson fungus
  • Weeping vines
  • Warped stem
  • Crimson stem
  • Ancient debris
  • Nether gold ore
  • Quartz ore

Glowing Entities in the Nether

  • Dead chorus flower

Other Items that have an Added Shiny Effect

  • Magma and gilded black stone block
  • Crying obsidian
  • Brewing stand
  • Mob spawners

The Glowing Ore addon download is compatible with all versions of the game. You can use it on iOS, Android, and the Windows version of Minecraft without any problems.



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