Hexerei Spell Addon (1.20, 1.19) - MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Author: ItsDarkwolf6 Nov 29, 2023

Add a magical twist to your Minecraft world with the Hexerei Spell addon mcpe! Use simple yet powerful spells and change your Survival experience completely!

Hexerei Spell Addon (1.20, 1.19) - MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Hexerei Spell Addon Minecraft PE

Do you want to spice your Minecraft survival experience up with some new magical content? Look no further than Hexerei Spell addon mcpe! Vanilla Minecraft may seem a bit dry at the moment considering we are more than halfway through the time period between major updates. Experiencing some change in the game will make the wait easier and fun!

Hexerei Spell mcpe New

Unlike other magic and sorcery based addons or mods, the Hexerei Spell addon mcpe is actually really simple and straightforward. No complicated rituals or grinding is required for making use of this addon's spells. There is no defined progression system for the magical spells in the Hexerei Spell Minecraft addon, instead there are different rarities of spells based on usage and their respective crafting recipes.

Hexerei Spell addon mcpe

That said, here's all the new content you can experience with the Hexerei Spell addon.

  • New crafting table called the Hexerei Table is required for crafting all 16 new spells.
  • Any Enchanted book can be used for all the crafting recipes that require one, regardless of its level and effect.
  • A new Mana system is introduced. Mana potions can be acquired by brewing an Amethyst shard into water. These bottles will have 3 levels namely lesser, base, and greater Mana potions.
  • The Mana Clock spell is required if you want the additional HUD for your Mana status.
  • Double Jump spell allows you to boost yourself upwards even mid air.
  • Magic Grenade spell will let you throw a magical bomb which explodes on impact.
  • Ghast's Wrath spell lets you cast a simple fireball.
  • Magic Grenade+ spell is a stronger version of its lesser counterpart, causing a larger explosion.
  • Jean's Wrath spell lets you cast a dragon fireball.
  • Blizzard spell freezes all mobs in a 15 block radius.
  • Iceade spell lets you shoot an Ice ball which freezes everything around it as it travels.
  • Shulkerology spell will cause all mobs to shoot upwards and take massive fall damage.
  • Smoke Screen spell gives you invisibility and speed for a short period.
  • The Throwable Lightning spell will shoot a projectile which causes lightning to strike upon impact.
  • Both the Magma Walker and Water Walker spells make their respective liquids harden underneath your feet allowing you to walk on them.
  • The Blessing of Hymn spell plays a short dubstep tune and marks all mobs around the caster. Causes the mobs to explode when the tune ends.
  • The Blessing of Light spell will make time go forward in exchange for the player's “Life Force”.
  • The Blessing of Rage spell gives strength and speed upon use.
  • The Nuzlocke spell stuns all mobs in a 15 block radius for 5 seconds.


After reading the wide variety of spells the Hexerei Spell Minecraft PE addon has to offer, you should have some ideas about their implementation. Try the addon for yourself and make powerful and magical combos!

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