InSaRe’s Warfare Addon (1.20, 1.19) - MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Author: InSaRe Dec 5, 2023

InSaRe’s Warfare addon mcpe is easily the most realistic and advanced 3D weapons addon for Minecraft Bedrock. From countless guns and realistic weapon models to new mechanics and weapon balance, this addon really has everything!

InSaRe’s Warfare Addon (1.20, 1.19) - MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

InSaRe’s Warfare Addon Minecraft

There are many 3D weapons and gun addons available in the market for Minecraft Bedrock. But it's safe to say that there are no current addons that come close to InSaRe’s Warfare Minecraft pe addon. This addon was inspired by the popular Triple-A title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019, and the Minecraft Java Edition mod known as Vic’s Modern Warfare.

InSaRe’s Warfare mcpe

InSaRe’s Warfare mcpe addon has been receiving updates for quite a while. Though not frequent or regular, the updates feature bug fixes and new content like guns, melee weapons, and balance changes. And yes, this addon is compatible with Multiplayer, hence the requirement for balance changes. The balance changes include recoil pattern changes, weapon damage increase or decrease, ammo capacity, etc. The current state of the InSaRe’s Warfare Minecraft addon is completely balanced, making all weapons viable, no specific weapon will have an unfair advantage over another. This makes the addon perfect for Multiplayer!

InSaRe’s Warfare minecraft pe New

We have listed everything new added to Minecraft with the InSaRe’s Warfare addon mcpe below.

  • A huge catalog of guns, melee weapons, and explosives is added to the game.
  • Countless new animations are introduced like reloads, grenade animations, melee weapon attacks, ADS (Aim Down Sight) animations, etc.
  • Proper realistic 3D models for all the weapons.
  • Most guns have been inspired by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019.
  • Just like guns, the addon also features a new movement mechanic from CoD MW 2019 called the Tactical Sprint. A 3rd movement option which is faster than both walking and sprinting. It can only be used for a short period and can be used again once the cooldown is over.
  • The 3rd person perspective has its own animations for every new action added.
  • InSaRe’s Warfare addon mcpe is completely survival compatible, but instead of crafting the new items, you can buy them from Celric and Weapon Smith villagers.


Fans of the first-person shooter genre should definitely try the InSaRe’s Warfare addon mcpe. Enjoy an engaging and exhilarating Multiplayer experience with a giant arsenal of balanced weapons!


  • Download addon from this server.
  • Then go to your file manager app. You should use File Manager (Google Play).
  • Click/select the Addon you have installed and it will automatically be imported into your MCPE. Make sure to go to the Addon file first, next tap and hold a file, when it is selected, there are a lot of tools that will appear, you should “Cut Tool”, then go to Android > data > com.mojang.minecraftpe > files > game > com.mojang and select a file, in the plugins section there are also two files: Behavior pack file and resource pack file, when you select the behavior pack file make sure to go to “Behavior_packs” on “com .mojang” and also when you select the resource packs file, go to “resources_packs” and tap the “move” button to place the file in the file you want to move. Once completed, just play.

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