Insta Farm

Author: EndXenoc MCPE Sep 25, 2023

Do you want to take your Minecraft Survival world to the next level, but you do not have any experience in using Redstone for even basic machines? If so, download the Insta Farm addon mcpe and create fully working farms of countless materials in one block!

Insta Farm

Insta Farm Addon Minecraft

You might have seen some professional Vanilla Minecraft hardcore or Minecraft survival players create massive farms for a neverending stream of different resources. It looks cool and all, but it also looks complicated. And the worst part is that it is just as complicated as it looks!

Insta Farm addon

Using Redstone to create farms without a guide can be nearly impossible for the average casual Minecraft player. But everyone wants to have an Iron farm or a wood farm that provides an endless supply of said material.

Insta Farm addon minecraft

Sure you can spend hours following a guide online to copy a farm block for block and make one the hard way, or you can be smart and download the Insta Farm addon pe. This addon lets you create fully working farms and structures made with Redstone, all by placing a single block!

Here is everything you need to know about this addon.

  • Craft or spawn in the new interactable crafting table called the Redstone Table.
  • You can craft Marker tools with the Redstone table to mark the area in which you want your farm. These require Marker blocks which can also be crafted.
  • Another custom item is called the Builder tool. It is used to interact with Farm blocks in order to create them.
  • Adds a huge array of farm blocks, all of which contain fully working farms. They can be crafted in survival mode as well.
  • All custom items introduced with this addon are survival-compatible, making it possible to access survival without cheats!


Level up your Minecraft Survival world with the Insta Farm addon pe. Never spend a second watching hour-long guides for creating farms. We all know the pain of spending so much time following a guide block for block only for it to not work at all! So download the Insta Farm mcpe addon and enjoy a whole new Minecraft Survival experience!



you must enable Experimental Games.

Insta Farm minecraft pe mods

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