Iron Man Addon (1.20 ,1.19) MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Author: Eyebags Oct 19, 2023

Take to the skies with Iron Man’s Mark 42 suit in your Minecraft world. Make use of the suit’s powerful weapons and wander your world from a new perspective!

Iron Man Addon (1.20 ,1.19) MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Iron Man Addon Minecraft PE

There are many Minecraft addons that feature new armor sets and even ones that let you become the Iron Man. The Iron Man addon mcpe however, takes the famous Mark 42 to a whole new level.

Iron Man addon mcpe

This comprehensive addon allows players to experience Minecraft from the eyes of Tony Stark! Not only do you get to wear the suit and utilize its weaponry, you can also set it to follow you around as separate entity and defend you from any and all hostile mobs.

Iron Man addon

Currently, Vanilla Minecraft is way too boring to play without any mods or addons to spice things up a bit. The Iron Man mcpe addon will be a perfect addition to your Minecraft experience.

Here is everything the Iron Man addon Minecraft has to offer.

  • Adds the Mark 42 Iron Man suit to the game.
  • Type the command “/function 42” in the console, this will give you a spawn item and another item called the “Suit Activator”.
  • Spawn in the suit with the Mark 42 spawn item.
  • Use the Suit Activator to signal Mark 42’s pieces to assemble together.
  • You get the “Suit Auto Mode” item, and now Mark 42 will follow you around and defend you.
  • You can also wear the suit by long pressing on the suit, which will disassemble it again, and give you the “Call Suit” item.
  • Interact with this item and the suit will come flying toward you, allowing you to wear the armor and make use of its abilities.
  • You will be given the “Remove Suit” item in case you want to use the Auto Mode.
  • The Iron Man addon allows the players to enjoy the iconic abilities of the Mark 42 being flight and the repulsor blast.
  • The suit can be further upgraded with custom items and give you additional buffs on top of the armor like regen, strength, etc.
  • Wrist rockets and Tracking rockets can also be unlocked after some upgrades which allow you to do massive area damage.


This addon is semi compatible with Survival, but to start using its features, you will have to make use of commands as mentioned above. Regardless, the Iron Man mcpe addon is easily one of the best addons in the market today, that give your Minecraft experience a fresh batch of content to enjoy!


You must enable the options “Test Game”, “Enable Cheats” and “EDUCATIONAL VERSION”

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