Kaidan: Haunted Legends Addon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/ Japanese Horror Mods

Author: JackSamur22 Aug 11, 2023

Dive into a world of horrifying Japanese folklore! The Kaiden: Haunted Legends addon Minecraft introduces several new hostile mobs and bosses for the player to face! It's time to bring Japanese horrors to your Minecraft experience!

Kaidan: Haunted Legends Addon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/ Japanese Horror Mods

Kaiden: Haunted Legends Addon Minecraft PE

Players that are new to the Minecraft experience tend to consider Minecraft as a full on horror game at times. Exploring dark caves, or scary mineshafts with their spine chilling ambience. But any Minecract veteran will power through the game without any such problems.

Kaidan Haunted Legends addon mcpe

The Kaiden: Haunted legends addon mcpe is mainly meant to target the veterans of Minecraft, or anyone looking for a good scare every now and then during their Minecraft play throughs. The Kaiden: haunted legends Minecraft addon introduces the disturbing mythical creatures and monsters from the Japanese folklore.

Lots of new changes to the survival experience are made in order to make the game not only more challenging, but also a lot scarier! Several new bosses have been added to the game, each requiring a unique way to fight them.

Kaidan Haunted Legends addon minecraft

The Kaiden: Haunted legends addon lets the player experience the disturbing stories behind some of the most famous Japanese mythical tales. Let's take a closer look at everything this addon has to offer:

  • This addon introduces 7 brand new custom boss enemies to the game.
  • Just like the Ender dragon and the Wither, all these boss enemies will feature a boss health bar in the top middle of your screen.
  • Each boss features a disturbing and scary set of models and textures.
  • Tons of new items added into the catalogue.
  • Every new boss has unique attacks and will require the player to have a different set of items and weapons in their arsenal in order to best them.
  • New item drops for each new enemy.


  • Players who love the PvE of Minecraft. Or, players who want to immerse in a world of horrifying Japanese folklore and monsters in their Minecraft experience, are in for quite a treat. The Kaiden: Haunted legends addon is a great way to test out your PvE skills by fighting new boss enemies!



  • You don't need to enable the experimental feature.
  • Descriptions, statuses, attacks and items are customizable according to the game's difficulty.

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