Kuma’s Anime Pets (1.20) MCPE/Berock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Author: Kuma Maker Oct 4, 2023

Have a cute anime pet accompany you on your Minecraft adventures with the Kuma’s Anime Pets addon mcpe! Have someone to watch your back even when you are playing Minecraft Survival on your own!

Kuma’s Anime Pets (1.20) MCPE/Berock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Kuma’s Anime Pets Addon Minecraft

Anime and Manga series have been getting quite a lot of attention recently. One of the attractions of anime shows is the cute pets that they have. The Kuma’s Anime Pets Minecraft mods pe lets you play in a Minecraft world with many of the famous Anime pets.

These anime pets have unique behaviors that are not the same as other mobs in Minecraft. Their behavior patterns, interactions, and abilities have been implemented into the game to some extent. They have other stats that are similar to the Vanilla Minecraft mobs like spawn biomes, HP, breeding, etc.

Kuma’s Anime Pets addon 2023

Here is everything the Kuma’s Anime Pets mcpe addon adds to Minecraft.

  • Adds Hamtaro from its own manga series. Spawns in any biome in the overworld and can be bred with any seed.
  • Pochita from the Manga/Anime Chainsaw Man. Spawns on beaches and can be tamed with bread. This Chainsaw demon can become hostile while taming, so beware!
  • Artemis and Luna from the Anime Sailor Moon are added. Spawn in any forest biome, but Luna can only spawn during nighttime. Can be bred together with salmon.
  • Diana, the daughter of Artemis and Luna from the Anime also spawns when both the previous pets are bred.
  • Captain Hawk from the show Seven Deadly Sins is added and spawns in the Plains biome. He can be tamed with a new consumable item that is added called leftovers.
  • Tony Tony Chopper and Thousand Sunny from the infamous Anime One Piece are also added. Tony spawns in any frozen biome and can’t swim, while Thousand Sunny spawns in the Mesa, and can indeed swim. Both can be bred with another new consumable called Cotton Candy, just like the Anime.
  • New “Clothes” are also added, all of these costumes can be obtained from chests in Villages and are based on the aforementioned pets that are added.
  • Both Leftovers and Cotton Candy can be crafted in Survival.
    Kuma’s Anime Pets addon mcpe 2023


All in all, the Kuma’s Anime Pets addon mcpe is put together quite well. It runs seamlessly with other add-ons and is completely survival-compatible. All that's left is to download the addon and choose some buddies for your travels!


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Kuma’s Anime Pets mcpe 2023

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