Magical Warfare Addon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods

Author: ZussmanKlint Jul 11, 2023

If you are a fan of Magic and Elemental warfare in video games, then the Magical Warfare addon mcpe is going to be perfect for your Minecraft experience. With 3 unique elements, each with respective abilities, you can fight against other players or the new shifted enemies!

Magical Warfare Addon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods

Magical Warfare Addon Minecraft PE

Minecraft offers the players a slight hint into the magical world with items like ender pearls chorus fruits, beacons, and potions in general. These things are quite useful as expected, but they are still just a taste of magic that Minecraft actually has the potential to provide.

Instead of waiting for the next major update for months and hoping these are some new mechanics or magic related items, you can try the Magical Warfare addon Minecraft bedrock. This addon lets players choose their preferred magic type and give players magical skills and attacks in the form of permanent items.

Magical Warfare addon minecraft berock

Each element has really unique and cool skills that players can integrate into their play style. Additionally, there are several new items and mobs all somewhat related to magic. A completely new Mana system is introduced which we will talk about more in the features below.

  • 3 magic elements/types at the moment namely, soul, frost, and demolition.
  • Each magic type offers 5 unique abilities.
  • A brand new mana system is introduced which is required for casting spells/magic skills.
  • Several new items are added to the game with this addon such as Mana bottles, Mana gems, Elixir, etc. All these items are meant to enhance your mana in some way or the other whether it be restoring, increasing, or enhancing.
  • New mobs/entities called “Shifted” enemies are introduced, all of them are stronger and more difficult to deal with when compared to their normal counterparts.
  • These include, shifted zombies, shifted skeletons, shifted spiders, etc. Each one being stronger, faster, and immune to the sun.
Magical Warfare addon minecraft pe


If you have been feeling bored with Vanilla Minecraft and you wanted to spice your Minecraft experience up a bit, you should most definitely try the Magical Warfare Minecraft addon. Fight magical battles against your friends or face off against the new shifted enemies, there is truly no end to the entertainment!



Make sure you enable test gameplay.

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