MechanicalCraft Addon (1.20) MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Author: Kcaasi Nov 23, 2023

Utilize advanced one-block machines to create new farms and optimize your world with the MechanicalCraft mcpe addon. From Freezers and Magnetic Hoppers to literal Cloning machines, this addon will have something for everyone!

MechanicalCraft Addon (1.20) MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

MechanicalCraft Addon Minecraft

Minecraft features some Redstone-related blocks that are the closest things to actual working machines. These are of course blocks like Droppers and Dispensers. Redstone engineers of Minecraft have created quite stupidly complicated machines in the past. For example, the mob switch disables mob spawning in the game, or a literal working computer inside of Minecraft!

MechanicalCraft addon mcpe

There have been some relatively less complicated machines like chunk loaders or stasis chambers. But as you may have imagined, all these “machines” take up a decent amount of space. And even though Minecraft essentially has the resources to create essentially ANY machine, this just does not cut it for the average Minecraft player.

MechanicalCraft addon minecraft

The MechanicalCraft addon mcpe is essentially a way to add some really handy one-block machines that will help your Minecraft world flourish without having to do a literal Ph.D. on Redstone!

Let’s take a look at some of the machines and new materials that the MechanicalCraft addon introduces.

  • The Potent Freezer machine will turn all lava and water source blocks into Obsidian in a 2-block radius.
  • A Forcefield block that can damage mobs and help in creating effective mob farms.
  • The Metallurgic Furnace acts like a real furnace, it turns metals into liquid which can be collected and cooled down into ingots with Molds.
  • Magnetic Hopper is an item collecting machine, it can be activated while having a Redstone block in hand. It will attract all items in a 7-block radius.
  • Melting Furnace can be used to turn any stone block (other than cobblestone) into magma, which can then be converted to lava with a Magma block.
  • The Recycler is a very handy block that makes use of all your old Iron and Gold tools/armor pieces to give you the respective material in return.
  • Greenhouse is a mini crop farm of any crop, that can be powered with Redstone blocks.
  • The Extractor is used to extract random ores from stone blocks that you gather like Diorite, Andesite, etc.
  • Clone machine does exactly what you think, it can be used to grow clones of DNA that you gather. So far you can only get villager DNA with shears.
  • An EXP Machine has also been added, it can be activated with Redstone blocks, and give 5-10 bottles worth of XP every 2 minutes and 30 seconds.


There are a few other machines and items that are also added with the MechanicalCraft addon, but new updates will make them useful. Most of the items are so far not Survival-compatible, so you do not have to worry about your Survival experience being as effective as much.



  • This addon is compatible and combines with most other addons.
  • The camera only works in beta version 1.20.20 and above.
  • You must enable Experimental Games
MechanicalCraft addon

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