Merrymaking Mod Addon (1.20, 1.19) - Minecraft PE - Christmas Celebrating Mods

Author: maideniles Dec 15, 2023

Take your annual Christmas decorations to the next level and make your Minecraft base call upon the Winter spirit itself! Featuring exclusive decorations and artifacts, the Merrymaking Mod addon will give you more detail than any other addon in the market!

Merrymaking Mod Addon (1.20, 1.19) - Minecraft PE - Christmas Celebrating Mods

Merrymaking Addon Minecraft

As the renowned Christmas day comes closer and closer, Minecraft Bedrock addons for Christmas-based decorations and any other Christmas-themed addons have been dominating the market. Every website is offering these addons, all featuring nearly identical content and items.

Merrymaking Mod minecraft

Sure some key items will stay consistent throughout all addons due to the nature of the Christmas theme. Merrymaking Mod addon also features items such as Christmas trees, Christmas lights, etc. But unlike all other addons, the Merrymaking Mod mcpe addon offers many more decorations most of which are exclusive to this addon alone.

Merrymaking minecraft mods new

Merrymaking addon mcpe features unique crafting recipes, survival compatibility, and a handful of new textures sprinkled in as well. This addon will easily be one of the most high-quality options in the market for this year’s Christmas decorations.

Given below is a brief list of the new items and content you can expect from Merrymaking Minecraft Mod mcpe.

  • New carpet designs and textures to help you spread the Christmas colors along the entire indoor area of your home.
  • Craft yourself a proper table to place all the tiny artifacts/decorations like the Gingerbread house, candles, lanterns, cups, etc.
  • Hang a Christmas Wreath on your front door to welcome all visitors with the love of Christmas!
  • Scatter Candy Canes around your base to spread the sweet spirit of Christmas.
  • Place a Christmas tree with lights, tinkling bells, and a whole lot of detailed models/textures!
  • Craft additional Christmas lights of various types to decorate your base.
  • Cold biomes now show the serene Aurora lights that will make anyone who stares at them speechless!


Take this year’s Christmas decorations in your virtual Minecraft home to the next level by accessing exclusive decorations to enjoy with the Merrymaking addon. Hang Christmas Wreaths on your doors and flashy lights around your base. Have fun crafting the new items in Survival mode and adding the festive Christmas touch that you base desperately needs!

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