Minecraft Hexxit Addon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods 1.20

Author: HaoShern Nov 20, 2023

Ever thought of Dungeons & Dragons with Minecraft? If so, then install the Minecraft Hexxit addon. It's available on PC, Mac, Android, IOS device for free.

Minecraft Hexxit Addon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods


The fan favorite Hexxit addon Minecraft 1.19 is essentially the fantasy MOD you’ve been waiting for. Minecraft Hexxit addon MCPE 1.19 gives you total freedom to play out your dream fantasy roleplaying adventure, with special emphasis on exploring brilliantly designed dungeons.

Hexxit MODs Minecraft allow you to craft and upgrade exclusive unique items in the update like shields and add guarding mechanics to the game. This adds a new layer to combat. You’ll need to scour the various new sections of the game world to gather the resources for crafting these shields.

The Minecraft Hexxit Bedrock 1.19 has even more aesthetic changes to choose from such as the Nimbus microblocks which allow you to hide the ugly visible pipes and wiring in your base. Just make sure that the number of MODs from the Hexxit Minecraft download isn’t a lot because it’ll make the game unstable.

Features Of Hexxit Addon Minecraft.

The Minecraft Hexxit MCPE 1.19 has lots of features but a few that stood out are:


  • Explore exclusive vast dungeons such as the pirate ships or battle towers, but be careful as they’re quite deadly if you go in guns blazing without proper preparation. We recommend having more players for these as that will help you plan out the progress across these dungeons.
  • Instead of hacking away endlessly at a tree, you can hit the bottom and center part with the tree-capitator addon to make the tree drop instantly and you can then collect the wood in one go.
  • Create a pocket dimension, or special portals to travel back and forth from using Dimension Doors. This is super convenient and can sometimes lead you to completely new places for further exploration.
  • Better storage and extra space to collect and loot without having to constantly empty your inventory with storage crates, backpacks, armor stands, and many other methods.

Basically, the Minecraft Hexxit addon PE is meant to be played with friends but can also be soloed if you prefer. The game becomes significantly more difficult in the Hexxit MODs Minecraft PE if you choose to play by yourself, but it's not impossible.


The Minecraft Hexxit addon download will also net you a ton of new areas beside the dungeons to explore. There are castles with dangerous monsters around every corner but with treasure too. While exploring beware of spiders that are lurking within towers. Rushing these new sections in the Minecraft Hexxit addon MCPE will get you killed in the game instantly. 

Minecraft Hexxit addon PE has animals not found in the base game like giraffes and elephants. Just don’t get caught attacking the giraffes, or they’ll kick you into oblivion.

Fair warning, if you’re using the Hexxit MOD, since it already contains numerous other MODs within, you shouldn’t add other MODs with it. The compatibility issues might create conflict and freeze the game for you.




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