Mini Biome ParkourAddon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods

Author: You Koala Apr 6, 2023

Are you up for an intense parkour challenge in Minecraft? Download the latest Mini Biome Parkour Map to test the acrobat inside you. Available for all Android, iOS, and Windows devices for free.

Mini Biome ParkourAddon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods

The Mini Biome Parkour Minecraft MOD has finally been made available for all the latest builds of the game! You can now download it on your iOS, Android, or Windows devices for free.

The Mini Biome Parkour map Minecraft is a treat for all skilled acrobats of the game. The MOD allows for complete immersion into the game's parkour elements while also allowing you to take a break and admire the colorful surroundings of every area of the map.

What Does The Mini Biome Parkour Map MOD Offer

The Mini Biome Parkour Minecraft Bedrock version shines the brightest as it can be used with all your favorite shaders to make the experience as surreal as possible. Be ready to dive into the following biomes once you complete the Mini Biome Parkour Minecraft download:

  • Acacia Biome
  • End Biome
  • Desert Biome
  • Plain Biome
  • Snow Biome
  • Nether Biome
  • Mushroom Biome
  • Ocean Biome

What makes Mini Biome Parkour PE Minecraft so special is that the MOD is very lightweight and will not hog your device’s resources. This means you can enjoy it on an older compatible Android or iOS device as well without it slowing down your device or dropping your frames.

mini biome parkour minecraft bedrock

Once you are finished with the Mini Biome Parkour download, you can immediately jump into one of two designated lobbies where you can wait for your friends to join. Moreover, these lobbies are specifically designed in a way where you can warm up your parkour skills before jumping into the real deal.

The only goal in the MOD is to collect items at the end of each level. Once you have collected all 8 items, you will have completed the parkour challenge. In addition to this, the MOD has some incredibly organic map layouts which will keep your interest piqued and your attention grasped.

This MOD works for Android, iOS, and Windows versions of Minecraft and does not require beefy hardware to run smoothly. All it needs is a little space in your storage and some time and love for you to have a fun experience.


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