Mob Variants

Author: MrFroiz Aug 29, 2023

Give all the mobs in your Minecraft bedrock world a brand new look. With over 90 new models, 400 new skins, countless new animations, and so much more, all in Minecraft vanilla style, the Mob Variants texture pack mcpe becomes the perfect addition to spice up your gameplay!

Mob Variants

Mob Variants Texture Pack Minecraft

Minecraft features tons of unique mobs for various purposes. Each mob has a unique look that differentiates each of them from one another. Similarly, each mob type has the same look, for example all regular zombies will look the same and act the same.

Mob Variants minecraft

While this is a good way to look and identify each of the mobs, an experienced player or just someone who has been playing for a decent amount of time, can easily do this by looking at their behavior, their drops, etc. In turn, this can lead to the mobs looking a bit too bland and dull.

Mob Variants minecraft NEW

With the Mob Variants texture pack pe, each mob gets a new look. And this new look is not limited to mob types, every single mob, regardless of their mob type, gets new skins, models, animations, and so much more! The Mob Variants Minecraft texture pack is sure to make your gameplay a lot more fun!

Here is everything the Mob Variants texture pack has to offer.

  • Each mob type, both hostile and neutral, each gets new models, skins, attachables, and animations.
  • This leads to a total of over 40,000 combinations of new looks that all the mobs can have all together.
  • All new skins, models, and looks in general are vanilla Minecraft style, they do not look otherworldly.
  • This texture pack is just for looks, therefore u can use this in servers and your friends do not need to have this on in order to play with you!


The Mob Variants mcpe texture pack is truly the best texture pack you can use to spice up your game. It even features new looks for the mobs that have been introduced in the latest patch too! Download this texture pack now, and experience a whole new different world of mobs in your Minecraft world!

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