Morphing Bracelet Addon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods

Author: CookieDookie Apr 6, 2023

Morphing Bracelet addon is an easy-to-craft Minecraft addon that allows players to consume any mob appearance and its unique ability after killing them.

Morphing Bracelet Addon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods

Morphing Bracelet addon - Feel The Minecraft World By Mob’s Point Of View

Mobs certainly appeared to be a vital part of Minecraft, although they are for killing or domesticating purposes, they still have their own traits. What if you are one of them and own their abilities? This Morphing Bracelet Minecraft PE will make your dream come true.

Morphing Bracelet PE offers a bracelet to obtain any mob appearance and ability after killing them. The Morphing Bracelet is crafted by 4 soul soils and 1 soul in a glass. A soul in a glass can be obtained by smelting the soul sand. Once you’ve got your morphing bracelet, let’s get out and have fun!

Kill any mobs by using your weapons, then make sure you put the morphing bracelet in your inventory. After killing them, switch to the morphing bracelet and there’ll be the morph menu with the name of the recently killed mobs, choose one and then the miracle happens!

Each mob has its own abilities so once you morph them, you’ll get theirs as well, here are some examples:

  • Mini pig: a mini pig can fit in one block hole
  • Cow: Once you are a cow, you can be milked by other players.
  • Chicken: As a chicken, you’ll get an egg to throw, and the ability to float.
  • Sheep: coming up with variants colors, sheep are suitable for sneaking by their ability to eat grass.
  • Drowned: allow fast swimming and underwater breathing, but can be burnt under the sun.
  • Salmon: As a fish, of course, you’re able to dive or swim on the water, but do not try to move on land or you’ll die after that.
  • Golem: This mob has many hearths, and so do you.
  • Pillager: You’ll also have infinite arrows like the actual mob
  • Bee: Allow you to fly and sting other mobs as well.

Tons of mobs are on the upcoming list that Morphing Bracelet Mod PE offer. Not only that, Morphing Bracelet Minecraft can save many mob’s abilities simultaneously, so keep skilling and morphing them and then manipulating their unique in certain circumstances!

Morphing Bracelet Addon Download is available at the link below so check it out and deep dive into the distinguished point of view.


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