Origin Shader (1.20) - Minecraft PE - Ultra Realistic Deferred Rendering Shader

Author: linlin67601187 ,luit04 Nov 11, 2023

Take your Minecraft experience to the next level with the Origin Shaders pack. Play with new chunk animations, improved lighting, water textures, and more!

Origin Shader (1.20) - Minecraft PE - Ultra Realistic Deferred Rendering Shader

Origin Shaders Minecraft PE

Minecraft visuals have received quite a few updates and revamps. It looks much more visually appealing when comparing its early versions with the current Minecraft visuals. Despite this, the visuals still have the same bland pixelated look.

Origin Shader mcpe

Some new features like particles in the nether and the colorful coral reefs do make it seem a lot better than before, but what if it could become realistic? The Origin Shaders mcpe texture pack can do that for you! The Origin Shaders pack is essentially a revamp of another texture pack called Originshader.

Origin Shader minecraft New

The new and improved Origin Shader texture pack brings lots of changes to Minecraft’s visuals. As you may already know, your Minecraft base will look a lot more serene with a shaders pack. This is especially true when the shaders pack in question features more than just a subtle change to how the lighting mechanics work.

Given below are some of the new visual changes and mechanics that the Origin Shaders pack mcpe brings to the table.

  • Water textures are completely changed, it no longer looks solid. The textures also behave in a more realistic manner. For example, water will look see-through and clear in ponds and puddles, while it will look blue in the ocean. It additionally interacts with the new lighting, it has a reflective nature causing it to shine and shimmer.
  • The day and night cycle has been improved drastically. Specific times like dusk and dawn have different lighting and colors completely. The sky also changes color depending on the position of the sun giving it a more realistic feel.
  • Several blocks receive new textures, and all blocks now interact with the new lighting in a different way.
  • A completely new set of lighting mechanics is introduced called Path Tracing. This simulates light in rays and the rays actually travel. Once they interact with blocks, they cause very high-detail shadows. This looks especially good on trees as the leaves cast very serene shadows.


The Origin Shader Minecraft texture pack is one of the best ones in the market for Bedrock Edition. It is compatible with other texture packs and has a very low graphics requirement as well! Try it now and enjoy!


  • This version is not complete and may contain some errors. (And it lags a lot.)
  • Android Support version: or higher.
  • Windows Support version: or higher.

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