Parasite Apocalypse Addon (1.20) - MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Author: Theplayumc Aug 15, 2023

Is Vanilla Minecraft survival top easy for you now? Try integrating the Parasite Apocalypse Minecraft bedrock addon into your game and play with the new increased difficulty! New mobs and new mechanics will keep you immersed for hours!

Parasite Apocalypse Addon (1.20) - MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Parasite Apocalypse Addon Minecraft

Inspired highly by the Scape and Run Parasites mod from Minecraft Java Edition, the Parasite Apocalypse addon mcpe adds a whole new difficulty level to the game. Since normal Minecraft survival is too easy for the veterans of Minecraft, this addon will provide the perfect addition to the game.

Parasite Apocalypse addon

New parasite creatures are added to the game that also evolve as you progress into the game. This makes the game increasingly difficult as time passes. There are 4 different phases of the game when you have the Parasite Apocalypse Minecraft pe addon installed. Each phase becomes increasingly more difficult.

Parasite Apocalypse addon mcpe

Let's take a closer look at everything the Parasite Apocalypse Minecraft addon adds.

  • 4 different phases to the game that become increasingly more difficult.
  • The first phase features no change to the game.
  • The second phase starts when you reach 1000 evolution points. Parasite infected mobs start spawning naturally.
  • The third phase starts when you have 10,000 evolution points. Any mobs that can be infected will not drop any items from now on when they die.
  • The last stage requires a whopping 60,000 evo points and it starts spawning the big bad Meat Tracker mob naturally.
  • Several other mobs are added such as the unknown worm, infected bear, infected husk and zombie, infected cow, the Meat Tracker, etc.
  • A block called "mouth" is added, which damages mobs nearby and can infect them.
  • Other blocks that are added include infected versions of already existing blocks such as stone, dirt, etc.
  • The parasitic crosshow is added to the game with 17 damage as the only new item and weapon in this addon.


If you are tired of playing Vanilla Minecraft survival and it seems too easy for you, the Parasite Apocalypse addon is exactly what you need. A new difficulty that surpasses the vanilla hard difficulty by a long shot may be just what you need to give life to your drive for playing Minecraft! 



Make sure you enable test gameplay.

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