Pikmincraft Addon (1.20) - Minecraft PE Small Plant Army Mods

Author: Axelpvz2030 Oct 10, 2023

Are you a fan of the Pikmin video game series? Do you want to have some tiny plant-like creatures to help you in your Minecraft survival experience? If so, then the Pikmincraft addon mcpe is just for you! Make all essential tasks of Minecraft easier than ever before!

Pikmincraft Addon (1.20) - Minecraft PE Small Plant Army Mods

Pikmincraft Minecraft PE Addon

The Vanilla Minecraft survival experience has been tuned and refined to become fun in every aspect of the game. This includes the grinding part of the game like mining for resources, harvesting crops, harvesting mob farms, etc. But once you have completed Minecraft a couple of times, this is no longer fun.

Pikmincraft mcpe

To make your Minecraft survival experience fun again, you can use the amazing Quality of Life Pikmincraft Minecraft pe addon. Even if you are not familiar with the Pikmin video game series, you will still want to try this addon, because you will never have to do all the jarring and repetitive tasks of Minecraft survival ever again!

Pikmincraft minecraft addon

Let’s jump straight into the details of the Pikmincraft Minecraft addon!

  • Pikmin are small plant-like creatures that grow underground and can be picked up.
  • They have 6 different colors and 2 modes of throwing.
  • Each color signifies their area of strength, and the mode will determine what they do when you throw or place them.
  • When a Pikmin is thrown in the Default throwing mode, it will scan a 10-block radius for any task it can do like harvesting, or picking up items. Not bound to a specific task, if none are found, they will return to your inventory.
  • The second throw mode; Follow mode, is when they are bound to a specific task like throwing them at a set of harvestable crops, at a mob, etc. They will perform their task and return with the items they have picked up. This mode is also better for killing mobs as Pikmin latch on to the enemy attacking constantly.
  • The Red Pikmin is immune to fire and lava, can walk on lava, do an extra point of damage, and can extinguish fires.
  • Blue Pikmin can swim and breathe underwater, best for fighting mobs in water or for gathering items.
  • Yellow Pikmin creates electricity and produces light. It can be thrown further than any other Pikmin. Can do splash damage and set mobs on fire.
  • White Pikmin are quite rare, they apply wither and poison on hit. They also have a speed boost and are immune to all potions and effects.
  • Purple Pikmin are slow and can’t be thrown as far as others, but can pick up mobs and make transporting them easier. They do extra and splash damage, and can also stun mobs.


 The Pikmincraft Minecraft addon will be an amazing addition to your game. Enjoy a new and improved Minecraft survival experience and amass loads of Pikmin!



  • The Addon is compatible with all other Addons and does not use player.json.
  • You must enable Experimental Games.
Pikmincraft minecraft

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