Project Walker Addon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods

Author: Gabriel Aplok Sep 21, 2023

The Project Walker addon mcpe adds a whole new meaning to survival in Minecraft. Survive in a semi post-apocalyptic world with guns and new survival mechanics!

Project Walker Addon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods

Project Walker Addon Minecraft

Is the Vanilla Minecraft survival experience way too easy for you now? Do you crave a new challenging Minecraft survival experience? Then Project Walker mcpe is just for you.

Project Walker addon minecraft

The Vanilla Minecraft experience is getting way too repetitive and boring even with new updates coming in on a regular basis. Addons like the Project Walker pe can help spice things up and provide you with a fresh Minecraft survival experience.

There is quite a large spike in the difficulty level of the survival mode. New mechanics for survival like thirst and bleeding, and new mobs like zombies, all add to the difficulty. All this combined would create a survival experience that will keep you immersed in the game constantly!

Let’s take a close look at the new additions the Project Walker Minecraft pe adds to the game.

Project Walker mcpe 2023
  • Adds a post-apocalyptic styled theme and textures to the experience.
  • Adds over 20 guns to the game, each of which possess unique damage values and ammo types.
  • Ammo and bullets added, each ammo type is categorized into different weapon types.
  • Adds over 15 melee weapons with unqiue characteristics like damage, range, durability, etc.
  • Adds several healing items like Medkits, syringes, bandages, etc.
  • Several naturally spawning structures that have chests containing loot.
  • Loot can range from guns, healing items, food, etc.
  • Adds new damage mechanics like bleeding, infection, etc.
  • Adds a thirst bar next to the hunger bar to make the game more challenging.
  • Guns and melee weapons get their own textures, animations, and combat mechanics.
  • New mobs like zombies that you will have to fight off in order to survive.
Project Walker addon minecraft 2023


If you are a fan of a post-apocalyptic styled world and you are looking for a challenging survival experience, then download the Project Walker Minecraft mods. Survive in a world filled with new mobs, items, and weapons!


Turn on these Experiments to activated this addon

Open the .mcpack with Minecraft or extract and copy manually the folder to the/Android/data/com.mojang.minecraftpe/ behavior and resources in the respective folders. (On Android 10 and above, extraction may not work)

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