Roll & Stamina Addon (1.20) MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Author: kamii Oct 24, 2023

Play Minecraft with new mobility mechanics and completely change how you play Minecraft!

Roll & Stamina Addon (1.20) MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Roll & Stamina Addon Minecraft

Minecraft’s mobility consists of only 3 major mechanics: walking, sprinting, and swimming. There are other ways to make navigation around your world faster like riding a horse or using an elytra which is an end-game item. But when it comes to the default mobility options when you do not have access to a saddle or a boat for water etc, you end up with just 3 of them which have received little to no changes.

Roll & Stamina addon minecraft pe

This has slowed navigation around the world, especially in the early game phase. To fix all these problems, we have the Roll & Stamina mcpe addon for you today! This addon introduces new movement mechanics with stats and in-depth animation sequences.

Roll & Stamina addon minecraft

Let’s take a closer look at everything that is added with the Roll & Stamina Minecraft PE addon.

  • The first and most important feature added is the Stamina Bar. This is located right under the EXP bar and is used up whenever you sprint or perform any other movement-related action.
  • Once the Stamina bar has run out, you will not be able to perform any mobility actions until it refills to the minimum amount required for the action in question.
  • The Stamina bar fills up automatically when you are walking and not performing any movement actions.
  • Another feature added is the new damage mechanic. From now on, getting hit will affect your speed, for example, if you get hit by an arrow, you will be unable to sprint for a short period of time after which the ability will return.
  • This is not activated when you are poisoned, withered, or any effect that does ticking damage as that would make movement impossible altogether.
  • And lastly, the Roll mechanic. This takes up a decent chunk of your Stamina bar and has a timer of its own which means you can not spam it constantly till your Stamina runs out.
  • This gives you a sudden burst of speed, it has its own animation, and it allows you to climb up to 3 blocks of height when combined with a jump. All in all, it is a fun movement mechanic to make navigating around the world naturally a bit easier and faster.


With the Roll & Stamina Minecraft addon, you will no longer have to search for a saddle or tame a horse to make climbing mountains easy. Make your Minecraft journey faster and more intense with the new mechanics!



  • Mobile players, this addon is only suitable for using joystick control settings and disabling the toggle feature.
Roll & Stamina minecraft mods
  • For controllers the player can scroll by double clicking on the sneak.
  • You must enable Beta API on the testing menu.
Roll & Stamina addon mcpe
  • Some platform server vendors may not support the scripting API.

What You Need :

  • Player interface queuing script.
  • Configure Kamii's script (OPTIONAL).
Roll & Stamina addon New

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