Rule Villages Addon (1.20, 1.19) - Minecraft PE Bedrock Mods

Author: Anghelos92 Oct 2, 2023

Enhance your Minecraft village experience with the Rule Villages Addon, featuring improved villages, illager threats, village guards, new transport options, and so much more!

Rule Villages Addon (1.20, 1.19) - Minecraft PE Bedrock Mods

Rule Villages Addon Minecraft: Enhance Your Minecraft Village Adventures!

Minecraft villages are about to get a major upgrade with the Rule Villages Addon. This Minecraft addon introduces exciting features that will reshape the way you interact with villages, fend off illager threats, and protect your newfound home.

Rule Villages minecraft android

The Rule Villages Minecraft Android addon will make all raids a hundred times more difficult. The illagers will be more aggressive with new mobs, attacks, and abilities in their arsenal!

Here are some of the new additions that the Rule Villages Minecraft pe addon introduces to the game.

  • Pillagers have more attacks and all illagers can destroy wooden doors and fences.
  • Vexes with TNT are launched into the village every few moments making it impossible to hide.
  • Added the Village Controller, which is a new mob/entity. It looks and acts like a chest, and can be crafted with 6 Copper blocks and 3 Emerald blocks.
  • The Village Controller has 1000 HP and is neutral to all mobs.
  • It collects resources and items from all 13 different professions of villagers, essentially making a perpetual farm of goodies so long as there are some villagers alive.
  • The Village Controller also acts as a Chunk Loader when you are away for about 15 Minecraft days.
    Rule Villages addon minecraft 2023
  • A new villager profession called villager guards, all dimwits are automatically enlisted as Villager Guards. They possess full Iron Armor, Iron swords, and a crossbow.
  • Mules are no longer animals but instead are mechanical transportation devices, that have to be crafted instead of being bred. They also have new mob models that look similar to a minecart.
  • TNT minecarts are now minecarts with chests and hoppers. Can also act as chunk loaders in a 2-chunk radius, but not in villages.
  • Iron Golems can no longer spawn in Villages naturally, and can only be spawned in by the player. You can now ride them and use their new modes such as the mining mode, cannon mode, killing mode, etc.


The Rule Villages addon mcpe is a super detailed and large addon as you may have expected. It adds a lot of new content and gives the raid system a full rework for the better. This addon is fully survival compatible, download it and explore the new content it has to offer!


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