Samurai Craft Addon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods

Author: Soldado TnT Aug 9, 2023

Do you think that Samurai are the coolest looking warriors? The Samurai Craft mcpe mods addon introduces armor samurai style armor sets and katanas into the game. You can become a samurai warrior yourself in your Minecraft world!

Samurai Craft Addon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods

Samurai Craft Addon MCPE

The Japanese Samurai, one of the oldest hereditary military nobility soldiers. They were abolished hundreds of years ago, yet their tales are still exchanged with great enthusiasm.

That is because they were the coolest swordsmen to ever exist! The demon armor style, the decor, the legendary katanas, etc. This entire aesthetic style was introduced to the world by the Samurai. 

Samurai Craft addon minecraft

And today, with the Samurai Craft addon mcpe, you can get your hands on all the different armor sets and katanas that Samurai soldiers used to wear and use. If you loved the Samurai aesthetic and decorated your base in the same way, you will always feel something to be missing. But not any longer, you can finally put an actual Japanese Samurai styled armor set on your armor stand along with a long shiny katana! 

All the itmes and weapons that are added to the game through the Samurai Craft Minecraft pe addon are not limited to creative mode. In fact, the Samurai Craft addon was made for survival mode!

Samurai Craft addon 2023

Here is everything this addon entials. 

  • Numerous samurai styled armor sets.
  • Instead of being 4 different parts (leggings, chest plate, boots, and helmet) of the armor set like the traditional Minecraft armor sets. These Samurai sets are just chest plates but act as full armor sets bith visually and combat wise.
  • Various different katanas added with unique attacking and holding animations.
  • New items added to create unique crafting recipies for each and every armor set and katana.


Minecraft does not limit you to the type of buildings you are allowed to build. Now you can not only build a Japanese Samurai styled house, but also combine it with original armor sets and katanas! Download the Samurai Craft Minecraft addon now, and enjoy!




Make sure you enable test gameplay.

Samurai Craft minecraft pe 2023


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