SecurityCraft Bedrock Addon (1.20) - Minecraft PE - Port of Java Mods

Author: Geforce132, Halo333X Dec 1, 2023

Tired of having your base raided over and over again? Try the SecurityCraft Bedrock mcpe addon and make sure no one ever gets to enter your house!

SecurityCraft Bedrock Addon (1.20) - Minecraft PE - Port of Java Mods

SecurityCraft Bedrock Addon Minecraft

There is a small community in Minecraft’s player base consisting of Redstone experts. These experts have figured out ways to defend your base in Vanilla Minecraft that seem unreal. But when it comes to the casual Minecraft players, Redstone is definitely not a strong suit.

SecurityCraft Bedrock minecraft

If you are one of these casual Minecraft players, you should try the SecurityCraft Bedrock addon mcpe. This addon will allow you to create bases that are super simple but have absolute security. The sole purpose of this addon is to allow all Minecraft players to make their bases impenetrable, regardless of their experience with the game.

SecurityCraft Bedrock mcpe

The SecurityCraft Bedrock addon takes security to another level and instead of just preventing forced entry, you can even create a full-on defense system with turrets and mines! That said, here are all the new additions that come with the SecurityCraft Bedrock Minecraft PE addon.

  • Firstly adds a new crafting table called the Security Table. This new interactable is required for obtaining any of the new items added.
  • Another essential item for this addon is the Padlock. This is required for owning all the different locks and security items that will be shown later.
  • Adds a Reinforced chest. Acts more like a mob, and cannot be opened unless the player interacts with it while holding a Padlock.
  • A Keypad can also be attached to the Reinforced chests.
  • Adds a Scanner which can be placed next to a Reinforced door, it will open the door automatically once it scans the player and recognizes them as the owner.
  • Link the scanner to you by interacting with a Padlock.
  • The Reinforced door can also be opened via a Keypad.
  • Adds Security cameras and Drones. Require a Tablet to use and allow remote access.
  • Cameras have to be named before they can be used, 2 cameras cannot have the same name.
  • Drones also have a similar setup except you can move and control a drone manually.
  • Adds Turrets and Mines. You can place as many Turrets and Mines as you want, their targets can also be chosen to some degree for example “Players Only”, “Mobs Only”, “All”, etc.
  • Adds a Block Reinforcer and Block Remover. Any blocks that are reinforced whether they be wooden planks or Scanners, cannot be broken or mined by anyone other than the owner.
  • All reinforced blocks will require a block remover to break/remove even by the owner.


As you may expect, even dirt bases can be made fully impenetrable with the SecurityCraft Bedrock Minecraft addon! Try it now and take your base defense to the next level!



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SecurityCraft Bedrock addon

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