SERP Pokédrock Gen Addon (1.20, 1.19) - MCPE/Bedrock Pixelmon Mods

Author: Zacek el Serpentín Dec 2, 2023

Do you want to integrate a fully working Pokemon simulator game into your Minecraft world? Try the SERP Pokédrock Gen mcpe addon, combining the best of both worlds!

SERP Pokédrock Gen Addon (1.20, 1.19) - MCPE/Bedrock Pixelmon Mods

SERP Pokédrock Gen Addon Minecraft PE

Pokemon games were easily the most popular and most played games back in the day. Due to being available on various devices, many Pokemon enthusiasts got their hands on really cool games to play along with watching the show. If you were one of these Pokemon enthusiasts, you are in for a treat!

SERP Pokédrock Gen addon mcpe

The SERP Pokédrock Gen addon mcpe seamlessly integrates a fully working Pokemon game into Minecraft. Inspired by the infamous Pixelmon mod for Minecraft Java Edition, the SERP Pokédrock Gen addon does not fail to deliver in the slightest!

SERP Pokédrock Gen minecraft mods

Let’s take a look at some new content the SERP Pokédrock Gen Minecraft addon offers.

  • Using an existing Pokedex, the SERP Pokédrock Gen addon introduces countless Pokemon in the game as mobs. They are also added to the game gradually as you continue progressing.
  • Adds a completely new combat system identical to the traditional turn-based fight system in the original Pokemon games.
  • The Pokemon added have different spawning biomes, they act similar to other mobs but wild Pokemon will fight you.
  • You start off your world with a new interactable item, using this will prompt a “cut scene” with Dr. Oak. Here you go through a basic intro to the new world of Pokemon and choose your starter Pokemon.
  • You can catch/tame Pokemon as well with different Pokeballs. These Pokeballs can be obtained through crafting.
  • Countless new minerals and resources added which are essential for crafting various machines, gear, and Pokeballs.
  • You can craft a Pokedex to keep track of all the Pokemon you have, their stats, their health, etc.
  • Adds fully working evolutions to the Pokemon as well.
  • The SERP Pokédrock Gen also supports English, Portuguese, and Spanish.


The SERP Pokédrock Gen addon is completely compatible with Multiplayer, and certain items like the VS Seeker act differently in Multiplayer. Start a new adventure in the world of Minecraft filled with Pokemon to catch and many foes to defeat!


  • For this addon to work best, cut and paste the resources and behaviors from your file explorer. Create a Copy of your map and open the world options and start playing from there. Changes will be saved automatically. (You may lose the item if you do not follow this)
  • You must enable the experimental toggles: Vanilla Experiments, Holiday Creator Features, Custom Biomes, and Custom Creator Features.

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