Swish 32x

Author: OMEGA BLADE Aug 29, 2023

Are you interested in taking your pvp skills in Minecraft UHC, Skyward, Bedwars, or any other pvp based minigame? Try the Swish 32x texture pack mcpe! With its short swords and 32x enhanced texture resolution, you will go on win streaks like never before!

Swish 32x

Swish 32x Texture Pack Minecraft

Minecraft pvp has been getting a lot of attention lately. It has been popular in the java edition which is mainly for pc players. But recently, even Minecraft pe or Minecraft bedrock players have also started to play pvp based minigames such as Skywars, Bedwars, etc.

Swish 32x mcpe

You must be one of these Minecraft pe pvp players, looking for the best texture pack to improve your gameplay and take your pvp game to the next level. Luckily, we have the perfect texture pack! Introducing the Swish 32x mcpe texture pack!

With the Swish 32x Minecraft texture pack, your game will feel many times smoother than before, and you will be able to focus on the game entirely without the annoying large default textures getting in your way. In most cases, texture packs that enhance your game will require a relatively powerful device to handle its textures and particles etc. But not the Swish 32x texture pack. In fact, it has been optimized specifically for low end devices including mobile devices! 

Let’s look at what this texture pack has to offer.

Swish 32x texture pack mcpe
  • All armor sets receive new textures with outlines that make it easier to see and differentiate.
  • Swords have entirely new sprites and are way smaller than usual, providing the player with a considerably larger view.
  • Several other pvp related items such as ender pearls, buckets, bows, all tools, etc, receive new and improved textures specifically for pvp enhancement purposes.
  • All ores are outlined with their respective color to help the player identify each ore from afar.
  • The sky receives a beautiful green aurora styled texture.


If you are looking for the best pvp enhancement texture pack for Minecraft bedrock, Swish 32x is by far your best option. Better resolution, new textures, and most of all, provides a boost in fps due to the simplicity in its textures! What more can a Minecraft pe pvp player ask for!


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