System Wyverns Addon 1.20, 1.19+ - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods

Author: SystemTv Nov 18, 2023

Explore the expansive world of Minecraft filled to the brim with giant Wyverns! The System Wyverns mcpe addon lets you tame these majestic creatures and take them to the skies!

System Wyverns Addon 1.20, 1.19+ - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods

System Wyverns Addon Minecraft

Does the current state of Vanilla Minecraft seem too dull for you? Worry not! The System Wyverns Minecraft addon introduces a whole new world of excitement to the game! You no longer have to wait for several major updates and hope for a dragon to come in the mob vote.

System Wyverns mcpe addon

The System Wyverns addon brings with it different breeds of Wyverns to the game. While initially hostile, you can tame the baby version of these bad boys. From then on, the game is going to be cake! Transportation? How about flying on the back of your Wyvern and traversing the world from the skies? No need to worry about running out of fireworks rockets for your Elytra.

That said, let’s look at what the System Wyverns Minecraft PE addon has to offer.

System Wyverns minecraft addon
  • There are a total of 5 different types of Wyverns added to the game.
  • Each Wyvern has a different element that it represents.
  • The elements available are, fire, ice, ground, poison, and ender.
  • All Wyverns have 3 different attacks, a grounded melee attack, a ranged energy ball attack, and a flying melee attack.
  • All naturally spawning Wyverns will initially be hostile towards the player.
  • To tame a Wyvern, you must defeat any type of Wyvern and acquire a Wyvern egg that it drops. The drop is not guaranteed, there is only a 10% chance of dropping so keep that in mind.
  • Place the egg anywhere and wait for it to hatch (it takes 20 mins for all eggs to hatch).
  • Once it hatches, a baby Wyvern will spawn. Tame it with raw beef, feeding further beef will accelerate its growing process.
  • Mount a saddle on the Wyvern and take to the skies!


Embark on thrilling adventures on the backs of majestic Wyerns with the System Wyverns addon mcpe. From facing off against Wyverns to hatching eggs and taming them, the addon introduces a dynamic element to your survival world.


You don't have to enable any Experimental Gameplay.

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