TBOI's Seasonal Decorations Addon (1.20) - (Christmas, Halloween, and more) Minecraft PE & Mods

Author: The Big Onion Institute Dec 13, 2023

The ultimate seasonal decoration addon is here! TBOI's Seasonal Decorations Minecraft addon contains both decorative items and interactive items for Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine's day!

TBOI's Seasonal Decorations Addon (1.20) - (Christmas, Halloween, and more) Minecraft PE & Mods

TBOI's Seasonal Decorations Addon Minecraft PE

Embrace the spirit of winter in Minecraft with the latest update to TBOI's Seasonal Decorations addon mcpe. Made originally for Halloween and Valentine's day, this addon introduces a new array of Christmas-themed decor items.

TBOI's Seasonal Decorations minecraft

Celebrate holidays and decorate your Minecraft home with appropriately themed decorative items and blocks with the TBOI's Seasonal Decorations addon. With Christmas right around the corner, it's time to take your in-game celebrations and decorations to the next level!

TBOI's Seasonal Decorations Christmas 2024

What makes TBOI's Seasonal Decorations Minecraft pe addon different from other Christmas-themed decor addons is that the new items fit in with the game really well. This addon offers high quality holiday decorations that resonate with the Vanilla Minecraft-style, making the new items, despite being modded in, fit in perfectly.

TBOI's Seasonal Decorations minecraft pe 2024 new

We have broken down all the important information you need about the TBOI's Seasonal Decorations addon mcpe.

  • All new Christmas-themed items can either be spawned in via Creative mode, or bought/crafted in Survival. This applies for all categories of decorations in this addon.
  • All traders have their own respective spawn conditions, for example the Halloween trader will only spawn at night, and the Christmas trader will only spawn in cold biomes.
  • Each trader offers a specific “Seasonal Crafting Table” that allows players to craft items for the respective category.
  • A new Decorational Top Snow block is introduced that allows any block to be turned into a snowy variant of it. Its shape can also be morphed into any other block that you have equipped at the time, for example a stair block or a fence.
  • The Halloween category also features new content like undead versions of specific mobs that you can also tame.


TBOI'S Seasonal Decorations addon brings the spirit of holidays to your Minecraft world. Its seamless integration of Seasonal Decorative items into the game makes all the new changes feel right at home. Decorate your virtual abode and take your celebration to the next level!


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